Zombies Sniper Only Gameplay lvl 20+ Solo

I will finish this series, but what gun do you want to see next? in zombies that is, and i will do me vs veteran bots XD and drop a like if you liked it, it helps grow my audience thanks people! “Black Ops” “Call of duty Black Ops” “Call of duty Bo” “COD BO” ” Black ops call of duty”

Subscribe for more Dead Island! +Like would be nice. STEAM (+Join) steamcommunity.com FACEBOOK (+Like) www.facebook.com TWITTER (+Follow) twitter.com DONATE (+Really helps me out!) goo.gl Check out Tye here! www.youtube.com — Overview Dead Island is a first person horror action-adventure video game developed by Techland for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. It is centered on the challenge of survival on a zombie-infested open world island with a major emphasis on melee combat. It was originally announced at E3 2006,but was pushed back to 2011. It was released on September 6 in North America and will be released on September 9 elsewhere. — Gameplay Dead Island features open world gameplay, played from a first person perspective, with up to four-player co-operative play in a heavily interactive environment. The focus is on melee combat, incorporating customizable weaponry, vehicular customization/combat, and RPG elements. — Xian Mei, an employee at the Royal Palms Resort. Born and raised in China, she chose an occupation that allowed her to leave her country of birth in order to experience different people and cultures. She is a fast learner, intelligent, and quick on her feet. Having just arrived at Banoi Island, Xian Mei was responsible for myriad menial tasks at the hotel, before starting work as a receptionist. This opportunity to meet and greet all the different nationalities that visited the hotel was ideal for Xian Mei, as it provided a perfect
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32 Responses to Zombies Sniper Only Gameplay lvl 20+ Solo

  1. Scherp09 says:

    Quick scoped?

  2. AWES0MEJAKE says:

    Adam get? on skype

  3. adam1120038 says:

    its? called avatar

  4. adam1120038 says:

    damn how do you snipe that fast

  5. TheRXZclan says:

    omg dude so glad i saw this video it was the first video i ever so of callofduty and this inspired me to play now im making a youtube channel of it omg thanks for the inspiration dude maybe everything does happen for a reason lol? 😛

  6. TheXenomorphman says:


  7. MarathonSnipingHD says:

    Next you should play Zombies snipers only? on Five!

  8. TheMrerkan says:

    Dont fuck with? toy story that movie is fuckign awesome ~

  9. Landerforest says:

    The movie is avatar dude?

  10. joseph123388 says:

    What? Lay Out Do You Play On?? :)

  11. downtown5275 says:

    I’m pretty good at zombies I’m downtwn5275?

  12. frienziedcalm says:


  13. Fernyc13 says:

    @chugaaconroynumber2 just? add me

  14. chugaaconroynumber2 says:

    AtomicFrenchFry, Let’s play Kino some? time

  15. Fernyc13 says:

    Like really you guys if anyone is real good on black ops just add me on ps3 like no lie im an ok player not legendary or anything but I want to really do a good game I have all maps but I? hate shang ra la or however you spell it -gamertag-locs951 ok

  16. Ubertastic says:

    think alcohol makes you stronger? here, though drink too much and you pass out

  17. Peligrazo says:

    second? intro better sound 😀

  18. bulltusk says:

    game looks so cool?

  19. Peggy9340 says:

    i actually like the double intro even if it was an accident. swithc it up shibbs?

  20. BunyipMate says:

    ? i know right!

  21. konichiwa8e says:

    T for flashlight! :P?

  22. wedran123 says:

    I? bought this Ossum ass Deadly Homemade Double blade….That thing does 450 DMG on headshot throw

  23. flysonic says:

    First Intro: i am the rocket man they talk about, i jump from star to? star i walk it out…


  24. wawowhead says:

    Ya? for side quests, Also there is a side quest later at the lifeguard place i think and after you complete it you can give the guy 5 bottles of alcohol and he will make you maltov cocktails. =D

  25. Shibby2142 says:

    Practicing my rocket? jumps.

  26. thepunisher4356 says:

    Alcahol seems to be used in quest where people either need it to drink fro pleasure,? or as a pain reliever in order to easy physical pain. That or you could stockpile it only to sell it later!

  27. Vapetzi says:

    wow this game looks? so boring

  28. kesselrunfun says:

    your friend sounds like? Kevin Smith

  29. Shibby2142 says:

    OOops dat dat? double intro lol

  30. Alenthas says:


  31. yobobjm says:

    wait shibby, how did you? get your dlc to work? Did they update it?

  32. jan4004000 says:

    i think u can use alcohol? to make molotovs

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