Zombies – Return of an Old Friend in Zombies Part 1

Shiochee(Shoshi3) teams up with the worst zombie slayers in history, Ron(Ajax2009) and Jerome(Alpha Elephant)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to Zombies – Return of an Old Friend in Zombies Part 1

  1. ShadowWolf0000 says:


  2. MrWhiteboy145 says:

    I live? in Lancaster! :/

  3. TeeTeeXD94 says:

    Subway? Melt on Hearty Italian
    American Cheese

  4. gzlopetv says:

    I liked just cuz you? got the italian BMT

  5. refridgerator8 says:

    chill dude?

  6. XNOOBTUBERXx says:

    what r? u talking about? can u please explain

  7. XNOOBTUBERXx says:

    no shit sherlock?

  8. combatarms203035 says:

    WAIT HOLD YOUR HORSES??? the Lyons mall in New Jersey? The one like 4 mins From Ridge high? School????

  9. refridgerator8 says:

    @AwesomeSauceFilms? Did Mitch used to live in Canada?

  10. ColinSully says:

    Italian BMT on Italian Herbs? & Cheese American Cheese, lettuce, banana peppers, and old bay spice!

  11. NoobTheShow24 says:


  12. AwwsummSauce says:

    :( lol? jk

  13. NoobTheShow24 says:

    lul, fanboy.?

  14. eddylao101 says:

    no it isnt nd tht doesnt even make? sense

  15. AwwsummSauce says:

    its “i want the? water lou.”

  16. 19hsc says:

    PA? is where its at!!

  17. kevindegraaf2 says:

    hey cool ron is dutch. you cant hear an accent or? something thats great.

  18. thev1299 says:

    Most defienetly.?

  19. jjdragon2 says:

    mix this video with i suck at call? of duty song its epic

  20. ownagemunky says:

    Same? we should meet up and bone

  21. forrealrocker says:

    yeah shioshi! but were the? FUCK is charlie?!
    hmmm?! -:(

  22. MatheusCAPL says:

    But why dooood?

  23. BOURNEKILLER117 says:

    you? can see if the random box from the top window in the first room if the box is down stairs

  24. xXxDeathSpyxXx says:

    Me and my friend were doing Ascension. Round 25 either he turned his xbox off or he lagged out probably? the 2nd 1

  25. thev1299 says:

    I live in PA!!!<3?

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