zombie online gameplay part 1

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[Eon] Black Ops – Nous revoilà en zombie sur Kino Der Toten! Que dire de plus? Mettez un petit j’aime et abonnez-vous? 😉

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  1. natsonwat123 says:


  2. 1MinecraftMaster1 says:

    mt bug o.-

  3. XxfilibusterxX says:

    this game is fun there R three ways to enjoy this? game. U can join Geba or blood waka or U could be a Zombie by urself (your charater could? turn into to a zombie to kill other player) haha i made 2 Hellbounds Crazy and I chased other players to kill. long time ago story but it was hella fun. other players don’t know who u r b/c they can’t see ur id when u turn into a zombie.

  4. XxfilibusterxX says:

    netmarble net but this game is for only south korea. maybe in the future american version will b released. if u have korean friend from south korea, ask him/her to get ur an account but then the language of? the game is the problem. lol

  5. goodsinister says:

    any link to play this game? I really want to? play this!!

  6. trakanchei says:


  7. StreaMuLaR99 says:

    ????????????????????? ??????? ???????? ^^?

  8. makemake00 says:


  9. DudeThatUKnow says:

    Ohhh,? trust me dude, just from looking at this game, I can tell Metal Assualt’s zombie mode is MUCH better.

  10. DemiiDemon says:

    This is nothing like Metal? Assault.. Metal assault is fun too though, heh.
    Or is metal assault by the same company as the one that made Zombie Online..?

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