Zombie Fortress – Library Tutorial

Zombie Fortress - Library Tutorial

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14 Responses to Zombie Fortress – Library Tutorial

  1. reed761 says:

    does this? work in 1.2.5

  2. alybad69 says:


  3. IMxAxG1 says:

    sounds like you? got a soar throat

  4. DerpyCatfish says:

    use sticky? pistons

  5. frenchfry979 says:

    Mine is exactly like the one u showed last but mine was used by like maybe 15 redstone and 6pistons and 2 buttons and 1 pressure? plate

  6. TheCrimsonNova says:

    this isnt working with me and i did everything in the video exactly step by step wat wrong with? it … only the pestol for the button works and the one for the book never moves …

  7. SoraHero05 says:

    can you make the underground a bigger area?

  8. SoraHero05 says:

    that took me awhile that was painfull it? made this T_T

  9. BHSpecialFX says:

    Respond to this? video… you are right, there is a new way to do it, I believe it is in Luclin’s Redstone L to Z video

  10. The666Gamers says:

    thanks it? worked very well dude :)

  11. MrReeses67 says:

    they are from Slimes these green cubes. they only spawn in caves levels 16 and under. they are pretty rare but if? you find one it will attack you

  12. BIueRedPurpIe says:

    This doesnt work on? 1.8+ T,T I have been using this and forgot how to make it again. I looked it up and I remembered but it only activates the back piston and doesnt make the front work.

  13. Invicible8008 says:

    Didnt think i would but actually enjoyed this :-) keep it? up

  14. SiMiLaRtoAG6 says:

    It is a small map but i like it? cuz its perfect for solo. And thanks.:D

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