Zombi (1978)

www.step1.it Nel 1978 George A. Romero trova la potente immagine degli zombi accalcati alle porte di un centro commerciale per simboleggiare la reificazione dell’uomo-consumatore e la massificazione della società.
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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48 Responses to Zombi (1978)

  1. de4dp0et says:

    Ti assicuro che guardando le statistiche la maggior parte dei visitatori sono? italiani ;)?

  2. Nick154999 says:

    pochi parlano italiano? qui.

  3. snakes3425 says:

    I remember that one also, it’s the movie that has caused no amount of headaches in terms of numbering, they retitled it Zombie here in the states and then released Zombie 3, 4 and 5 without changing the numbers and then released Zombie nder it’s real name Zombie 2 so when you have the movies on your shelf it looks like you forgot to? pick up either Zombie or Zombie 2, even though Zombie and Zombie 2 are the same movie and Dawn of the Dead is Zombie 1

  4. de4dp0et says:

    It is, indeed ^ ^’?

  5. eibon81 says:

    DAWN OF THE DEAD is know as ZOMBIE in Europe. The Lucio Fulci Caribbean Gut-Muncher is called ZOMBIE 2 over there and ZOMBIE in America. In addition to that, the Fulci film is called ZOMBIE FLESH-EATERS here in the UK, whilst Romero’s Living Dead Epic was originally released? here as ZOMBIES: DAWN OF THE DEAD. Very confusing, isn’t it?

  6. ZorbaGargoil says:

    dead rising xD?

  7. voavoa707 says:

    i end up here? because of resident evil

  8. de4dp0et says:

    Important: I’ve mistakenly deleted a Video Response request for a video entitled “Infected” and I’m not able to see who requested it.? If the poster would like to forward a new request I will have no problem in approving it.

  9. dennisaraza says:

    DAWN OF THE? DEAD ( 1979 )

  10. MollKitt says:

    idiot? 😀

  11. de4dp0et says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen the movie you’re talking about. Actually, towards the end of the 70s and the beginning of the 80s? there were a lot of Italian and American B-movies entitled “Zombi something”. The most famous of them being “Zombi 2” by Lucio Fulci, a film that I? heartedly recommend; for its precious soundtrack by Fabio Frizzi alone, it is worth seeing it.

  12. jityr2 says:

    ? In 1980 in the U.S. there was also a movie called “Zombi”. Remember it?

  13. manudimarzio says:

    Dove ha aperto questo centro commerciale?
    Questa è? l’inaugurazione, giusto?

  14. KaijuKing1 says:

    They don’t look like? zombies

  15. luxwutang says:

    that’s what? meth makes you look like

  16. bezuzzo says:



  17. ConteEiacula77 says:

    il bavero in pellicciotto del? cappotto del negro e’ inguardabile….

  18. yewsman says:

    1:40 ahahahahahah pom?

  19. camrebirth says:

    Blue Underground will release this movie on Blu-Ray format on October 24th 2011!!
    Please support this upcoming? HD release!!!

  20. MrMauro90 says:


  21. SrStoylen says:

    its a zombie happy mall :)?

  22. puck634 says:

    capolavoro del genere zombie?

  23. Zadesh996 says:

    hanno sempre una morale…lo zombie rapprsenta l’uomo con la sua ferocia la sua rabbia…e che perde il lume della ragione…ecco il loro significato questa è una delle paure dell’uomo…l’altra paura è di essere da solo contro tutti infatti nei film gli zombi-infetti (oppure mostri ecc..) sono di più dell’uomo e? si ritrova da solo a fronteggiarli…ecco cosa simboleggiano questi film almeno per me…

  24. MissBadGirl95 says:

    la grande diffrenza tra i film horror moderni e questi capolavori è che quelli del passato avevano un significato, una morale mentre? quelli di adesso NO

  25. HeadsUpSnGGuY says:

    Ummm? ya dude this is “Zombi,” the Italian release done by Dario Argento. The easiest tell tale sign is the overplaying of the soundtrack because of how much emphasis and love for his soundtrack cover band Goblin… You will notice if you watch the US version the soundtrack is not played as much as in the Italian version…

  26. annihalator98 says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic? if this guys were killed in an apocalypse?

  27. ThePixzen says:

    5:57 close eyes and listen

  28. The4EverGamingTV101 says:

    9:30 creepy? girls voice

  29. dd42123 says:

    use a? drumstick

  30. KSIdrldrl says:

    It could easily happen. Maybe not? dead people rising from the ground, but people being infected with some type of virus and going into a cannibalistic rage.

  31. PurpleBlades says:

    If a zombie apocalypse were to ever happen… This show would become the new bible.?

  32. TheZhack123 says:

    does? kersten even do anything that has to do anything to do with killing a zombie? just wondering…

  33. thegladiatorblood says:

    goza is cum? in portuguese.
    gozed is cummed in portuguese.

  34. riderstorm66 says:

    Man Can I have the opportunity to be on ur program Cuz Im ready to kick some zombie ass!! But Im serious to be on ur program. PLz big fan? of urs and zombies too.

  35. tragheit59 says:

    i’d like to get caught in? her bear trap.

  36. 39hige1 says:

    And I never? know!

  37. MrHojhusGamer says:

    Where’s Chuck??

  38. enteen1 says:

    Never punch a zombie. It might? bite your wrist.

  39. Darkczarek says:

    I? never know

  40. TheAussieDesign says:

    Well? guns aren’t regularly available in a lot of countries?

  41. balderaspedro8888 says:

    You killed a? zombie ……. Y u no gun

  42. DasBooTz007 says:

    what is the tune??

  43. TavinUndertaker says:

    It has 0,0001% chance of? happening. xD

  44. thecurt1201 says:

    i want? to see u guys just start punching a zombie in the face

  45. TrollDuck456 says:

    I wouldn’t really use a bear trap because if? the zombie screams it will attract even more zombies making you have an even bigger problem..

  46. anthonyle1231 says:

    Have faith in the bear’s mighty? physical prowess and agility to kill the zombie first.

  47. 39hige1 says:

    You never know!?

  48. 39hige1 says:

    If a zombie? bites Chuck Norris we are F*CKED!!!!

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