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Welcome to the Call of Duty: Zombies weapons guide. In this guide we will highlight the history and attributes of the weapons. Weapons will also be recommended for specialist use throughout the game. We will be assigning medals to specific guns that best serve certain scenarios, these will include round based medals and the coveted ‘Pack-a-Punch’ medals (of which there are only ten to be handed out through this series.) Voiceover Artist: Jack Andrews Music, Graphics and Gameplay: Benn Down We hope you enjoy the information that is presented in this transmission. If you would like to find out more about where you are, please visit: If you would like to be a part of this wonderful community, please visit: Our other Channels
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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32 Responses to Zani ???? Zombie @ ????????? CTW

  1. 12362084 says:

    ????? ??? ?? ??? ???? ???????? 5555555555

  2. chikabooz says:


  3. NiAllForOne says:

    ???????? TGT? ?????????????????? ??? ???????????????????????? 555
    ???????? ??? ????????????????????????????

  4. saowapa30 says:

    ??????? ??????? ??????? ????? ???? ???? ????????

  5. Spritesi says:

    ???????????????? ?????????? ??????

  6. 0891182899 says:

    ????? 9.5? ????????????????

  7. sikarin intamoon says:


  8. ookuppom22 says:


  9. poklnw says:

    ??????? ??????? ???????????

  10. luvDSRmd says:


  11. luvDSRmd says:

    ????????????????????????????? ????

  12. SmailKissKissbaby says:

    ????????????9.5?????????????????????????????= =?

  13. Boomlove2554 says:


  14. Mayuyi147 says:


  15. killermerci says:

    ????? ??????????? ?

  16. arizonateadrunk says:

    This gun was amazing in real life, when in actuality it ended more lives than the k98k, seeing as it went on to serve at least 30 more years after words. This rifle also inspired. The saying, there is no? deadlier weapon in the world than a marine and his rifle. A shame it was so horrible in zombies mode

  17. MajorAskew says:

    The Springfield was good on undead nightmare on red dead so it furfills its zombie? killing purpose somewhere.

  18. zingyoyo says:

    Maxis didn’t create the zombies or the Wunderwaffe DG-2. The meteors created the FIRST zombies from the E115 in the meteor and Dr. Richtofen? created the Wunderwaffe DG-2. -_- God damn…

  19. so31398 says:


  20. TheShadoKnite says:

    @An0nymousGam3r Come on you can do better than that. You know how to spell, its Arisaka and Kar98k, but otherwise, No the M1903 is only a modified G98 action, the Arisaka has nothing to do with it, although it too is a modified G98 action, using? the cock-on-close method of the British Lee Enfield and cartridge.

  21. SoapMactavish90 says:

    Well we got that rifle from the Germans, it’s? just a modified Mauser 98.

  22. An0nymousGam3r says:

    this gun is the son of the kark and? ariska

  23. Darknova115 says:

    both of this gun and china lake? are worst as hell

  24. Darknova115 says:

    i? agree because that’s the worst gun in the whole freaking game

  25. AflyingteddyBEAR says:

    because you cant PaP them there? not in der riese

  26. thecreaghface2 says:

    how come he doesnt show it pack a punched and also in the araska? one

  27. craiggie101 says:

    Bad ass american rifle son all the way?

  28. mizzorebiggestfan says:

    in the beginning maxis created the zombies and the wunder waffe. then he said let there light. and there was light. it blew are there damn heads off.?

  29. THEkillingit7 says:

    Idk what happened but I think I got a Springfield from the box in der riese before. But, me being stupid I traded it in ASAP instead of seeing if it? was upgradable. I think it was a glitch.

  30. 99thJediWarrior says:

    I think this gun could’ve had an upgrade of it had the sniper scope on it. It would be stronger, but it’s? still pretty stupid.

  31. MrSilver497 says:

    the thing I hate the most is that treyarch have the balls to just make guns horribly under powered the Springfieldproved to be a? great bolt-action rifle in real life it worked great it’s caliber was powerful very accurate yet I don’t know why treyarch do this crap

  32. MPBELLdeanca says:

    this is the most? hated wepon on zombies

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