Z: Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) – The ‘MP40’ (The Afterburner)

Welcome to the Official Call of Duty: Weapons guide. In this guide we will highlight the history and research behind the ‘MP40’ sub-machine gun. Weapons will also be recommended for specialist use throughout the game. We will be assigning medals to specific guns that best serve certain scenarios, these will include round based medals and the coveted ‘Pack-a-Punch’ medals (of which there are only ten to be handed out through this series.) Our PLAYtheGAMEhome Wikia Article: playthegamehome.wikia.com Voiceover Artist: Jack Andrews www.youtube.com Music, Graphics and Gameplay: Benn Down www.youtube.com We hope you enjoy the information that is presented in this transmission. If you would like to find out more about where you are, please visit: www.youtube.com If you would like to be a part of this wonderful community, please visit: www.playthegame.co Our other Channels www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

Hey Guys welcome to my new series called Day Z – Surviving Solo! This is a mod for the game Arma 2 where if you die, your character will die forever – Permadeath! Hope all you hardcore zombie fans love this because i think its awesome! Could you guys Up-Vote this On reddit for me? Thanks! www.reddit.com ?Leave a LIKE/FAVOURITE if you enjoyed the video! ?Game: ARMA II: Combined Operations. Buy it HERE: store.steampowered.com ?Performance Tips!: www.rockpapershotgun.com ?Mod: www.dayzmod.com ?TWITTER: twitter.com
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38 Responses to Z: Armoury (Nazi Zombies Weaponry Guide) – The ‘MP40’ (The Afterburner)

  1. Daniel Triest says:

    zombone,it isnt a custom map from? WAW,jjust black ops -_-

  2. zambone115 says:

    what was the costom? map on the vid

  3. CoDRAWL says:

    RATE:? 8

  4. chad knowlton says:

    I? dont know the exact name but I think its silent hill school house

  5. Indeciferable says:

    I don’t see where he got anything wrong, please explain these “wrong”? facts.

  6. shippa1234 says:

    they did they used it so when the left the plain for a ground mission if they crashed they had somthing other then a pistol to protect them selfs but thats not? even a big deal its the fact he had alot of info wrong about the MP40 the best German gun made

  7. hopilite33 says:

    the custom map was schools out. and i dont think that the air force used it?

  8. shippa1234 says:

    you used a custom call of duty waw pc map for the video i think it was tiny? but other then that the MP40 was Germanys most used gun in ww2 and it was high in cost for productivity but low cost for ammo and there was the also the fact it was used by airforce and ground forces so um yeah need more reseach or stop usong wikapedia it lies and um im also german js but u might need to know more bout these guns from ur? homeland

  9. JPWINNERMAN says:

    557 reserve? ammo!?!

  10. noobtubers64 says:

    the mp40 is the most common? used german gun or was but its my favorite gun in black ops

  11. 4everUSNavy says:

    wroong this gun was wide spread issue. 1 million were produced so how can you say only a? few people used them. you need to go watch a ww2 documentary or something because the Mp40 was the #1 most widely used S Mg in the German army.

  12. 4everUSNavy says:

    wrong, germans loved them. atleast the? German vets i talked too. the Mp40 didnt really jam that much

  13. DaftBananas says:

    @spotman30 Are you? 12?

  14. spotman30 says:

    your mom used a custum? map for my dick ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  15. sk8ngame4life says:

    And the m16 is an assult? rifle. The MP40 is a SMG

  16. trollhacker44 says:

    no because the? M16 improved in the m16a1 but Mp40 didn’t and the M16 jammed because it have cleaning kits and it was at Vietnam but the MP40 jammed in regular urban enviorments

  17. 99thJediWarrior says:

    Hmm? so the MP40 = Germany’s version of the early M16

  18. trollhacker44 says:

    actually the German soldiers hated the? mp40 because it always jammed but the soldier will get happy if he finds a ppsh41 because the ppsh never jammed and can operate in harsh conditions

  19. jman72898 says:

    he used a custom map for this? vid

  20. tarekk89 says:

    alot of things werent mentioned. BUT GOOD? JOB :)

  21. gangstaaaron7 says:

    lol nice one PTG linking ur weapon break down from ur vid. I like? it

  22. MrSilver497 says:

    I think the german flag is better since Nazi was just a shortening for hitler’s political party yes I am aware that the nazi flag was used but I? think the german flag is a much wiser use.

  23. Arzak8 says:

    Hey Fenix, your game looks so crisp and clear in this video. I just got DayZ and my game vision is slightly undefined at around 50 feet, much like yours was in your first DayZ videos. What steps did? you take to improve the visuals? I remember you saying something about anistrophic filtering?

  24. EireBornFenix says:

    LOL wtf??

  25. xMaizee says:

    Something really snappy? Have a wank? #LAD?

  26. canaan9112000 says:


  27. EireBornFenix says:


  28. LilJoshxD says:

    when you made that noise at the end of the video i shat? myself. almost had a heartattk…

  29. EireBornFenix says:

    *Persisting Trollface*

  30. rasz says:

    you bastard, the trololo face just as we see someones leg :)))?

  31. EireBornFenix says:

    lol Trolling them Zombies…i like it? 😛

  32. deathdragon1987 says:

    Found my first bike today! Rode? it through cherno too lol

  33. EireBornFenix says:

    Thanks man, i’ll keep making them until? i get sick or tired of it :)
    (That won’t be for a good long while :P)

  34. EireBornFenix says:

    I know! i got off lucky there…?

  35. xBoBox333 says:

    I really love this series, and please please continue this for a long time! I really do enjoy watching this!?

  36. Trapperx89 says:

    That would take too much time. Better to take him out directly with the ak and killing all the zombies that get? in with the M9.
    He won’t attract more zombies this way and he’ll survive the bandit.

  37. ShiningWolf88 says:

    HOLY CRAP! It’s amazing you managed to avoid that guy xD he must? have run downstairs right after you went into the next room lol

  38. EireBornFenix says:

    9pm :)?

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