XOMBIE: Dead on Arrival – Chapter 1, The Dead Sea

What if a zombie had a mind of its own? Where would it go? What would it feel? Would it, in fact, feel anything at all? What would the world be like without sleep, without touch — trapped in a body that is slowly turning to dust? In a future plagued by legions of undead creatures, both human and animal, the earth is a dark and dangerous place — not only for the few remaining humans who still cling to life, but for a unique group of zombies who remain mysteriously self-aware, torn between their new-found cravings and a lingering moral sensibility. Armed with reason, and impervious to death, their world is one of darkness — a nightmare from which they cannot awaken. Will they resign to their fate, wandering aimlessly, never sleeping, never dying? Or will they recognize their curse for what it is: the gift of limitless power? Xombie is the story of Dirge, a dead man with a mind of his own, who struggles against his posthumous cravings (not to mention legions of the walking dead) to reunite a lost child with her family. With the help of his trusty undead canine, Cerberus, our hero treks across the hostile future wastelands, facing zombified creatures of every shape and size. Can Dirge protect a single child against the unrelenting armies of the dead? Will he discover other zombies like himself? And if a monster (no matter how grotesque) saves a human life, is it really a monster after all?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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16 Responses to XOMBIE: Dead on Arrival – Chapter 1, The Dead Sea

  1. 4thepeople100 says:

    what song? is @ 3:15

  2. Ploiken says:

    james faar just? got the rights back from dreamworks and he’s doing a second series check the official website

  3. RazielFallenAngel says:

    Where you heard that?? If you want to follow the story, you have to buy the comic, but there’s no animated version.

  4. Ploiken says:

    Season 2 is happening!?

  5. Strongit says:

    Awesome, I remember watching this when it first came out. Great to see it on youtube now, I look forward to seeing? James do good things now that he’s got the rights to the series back.

  6. Prid13 says:

    To think this was made in 2003 O_O?

  7. zen849 says:

    Did anybody else know? that this is now on Netflix?

  8. HPAVELOW53 says:

    did anybody notice at the last fight scene The music from H.A.W.X? 2 was playing

  9. N3wguy321 says:

    I love how Zoe’s first thought of a safe? place during a zombie apocalypse is a cemetery….

  10. Dchybrid says:

    Do you know where I can get this particular remix of the? song? I have been looking for it!

  11. sarasM008 says:

    tis was my firs anime i ever watch end it was cool and now i watch hole of anime but i never forget? the first who hook me to wach anime.

  12. 1vampires4ever says:

    question why does her oufit change every episode? ^,^ just wondering

  13. Driretlanfspenser06 says:

    at first i was like this is kinda kool, and then? the credits rolled…and i heard it…CELLDWELLER!!! FUUUCK YES!

  14. xxxMealxHappyxxx says:

    Lol,? kinda creepy how he says perfect… o_O

  15. 0sweetxxxinsanity0 says:

    Dirge! o.o awesome,? hell yeah, love this cartoon.

  16. stupidtrooper501 says:

    good use of my favorite classical? song Mozart’s requiem

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