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These Reels or tapes seem to spawn randomly within those four rooms and can have different outputs when played in the theatre. Can only be acquired through going through turning on the power and then using the teleporter, Well not anymore. Yes, 2 and 4 are the same sounds but there are only 4 videos to 3 audios, It is the same as the radio in the chandelier in the theatre, watch that here on TheSyndicateProjects channel : www.youtube.com Go watch PLAYtheGAME’s videos they’re like 10000% better than mine ?www.youtube.com People who like me on facebook can recive a special prize! ?www.facebook.com You can’t follow me though the streets at night but you can on Twitter! ?twitter.com Got a passion for fashion? Check out my clothes shop! ?652362.spreadshirt.co.uk **I do not own any media shown although the footage was edited and recorded by myself.** **EXTRA TAGS** Call of Duty: Black Ops (also known as simply Black Ops or BO) is the seventh main installment of the Call of Duty series and was developed by Treyarch.[2] The game was released on 9 November, 2010[3]. The confirmation of the game’s development was leaked by David Kim, a senior animator at Treyarch, in May 2009. Black Ops is set in various locations, including Vietnam and Cuba. [4] Treyarch has stated that Black Ops will be much grittier than Modern Warfare 2 and that the differences between World at War and Black Ops will be as significant as the differences between Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4: Modern

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  1. hsdExorcist says:

    Hey guys,if you have time give me a chance and? listen to my music :)
    Share and comment if you like :)

  2. Leavenworthidol says:

    my uncle? calls it san fagsisco i call it…..heaven

  3. d1elon87 says:

    ill take an? order of 2:41 please.

  4. funkybub says:

    It’s a mix?

  5. lDzeDxasaN says:

    Cool? !

  6. foshiznow says:

    what? song is this?????

  7. nikolLoo says:

    colll? baby ;x;x

  8. Albin0BlackSheep112 says:


  9. dorjjodvo1992 says:

    well maybe not? “wife” XD

  10. yashydashy says:

    This? must be the place they call heaven….

  11. hsdExorcist says:

    Hey guys,if you have a minute give me a chance and listen? to my tracks ! :)



    Thanks in advance,dont forget to comment and share if you like it? :)

  12. TyRay99 says:


  13. bryn27511 says:


  14. hnb99990 says:

    messi 2:52?

  15. HiddenExperience says:

    Stifler’s? Mom @ 1:25 !!!???

  16. JiVeStUrKeY222 says:

    @fanna1119 ur? weird…

  17. NSNEM50 says:

    Pause it at @1:58 and the guy looks? like slug <3

  18. JakeremWillEatYou says:

    @JiVeStUrKeY222 PSssh.. Let? kids have their fun you blasted fool 😛

  19. JakeremWillEatYou says:

    Jessie was heree(=?

  20. fanna1119 says:

    @JiVeStUrKeY222 lawl, you take life to seriously
    and I am still young so I am? free !! a wedding ring is like a handcuff , put it on and your finished for life

  21. lonesoldier33 says:

    And we look back at? the 60’s and think the hippies looked weird?

  22. mrswizzful says:

    @Kaywarb Well for the video it needs to be very dubsteppy … so Hot girls and guys? pullin faces … when pulling a mad face its hard to look hot lol

  23. IamWhoIaaam says:

    What? this film reels do ??? Please answer

  24. arcticwarrior09 says:


  25. GAMES1TOP says:

    ???? ??

  26. Marierie8 says:

    there is all ways none there and im in no? clip

  27. Marierie8 says:

    im? also on no clip and theres allways one not in a room

  28. stitchdmob19 says:

    Theres more? than 4 films

  29. FadoodlilyGlings says:

    Thatz it? Nothing special for geting them? An how come you had so much time in? tha rooms, usually teleports you after 5 seconds

  30. imlieksokewl123 says:

    @swagman9898 Pc noticifation?

  31. PaintballPandaNinja says:

    @finalfantasy13able? u got on da roof

  32. TheIcekilla187 says:

    thats all the film is for playin? a video?

  33. swagman9898 says:

    what the eff was that? sound at 1:41?

  34. SWAGmasterrox200 says:

    lol how do you do that so quick?

  35. BoredAsAlways27 says:

    Wouldnt it? be awesome? if Treyarch released? a?? game ONLY for CoD Zombies? it could have its own storyline?? campaign and?? everything. Maybe even some modes where more? than 4 people can play? together. If? you support this or agree with this and? think it should be? a game, copy and? paste this? to every zombies video and? thumbs it up.? Treyarch DOES?? look at youtube? and its comments when they work? on? the games.?? Lets make this a real game

  36. finalfantasy13able says:

    anyways what happen when you? get all four of them?????????please someone can told me

  37. xxASSASSINxy says:

    4 freaking flims u idiot.

  38. jespearlshel says:

    4 that was 4 i see u said there wasint lol u? ow me 5$ boy

  39. DTRxThePriceOfDeth says:

    Love? the Tags mate

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