Wicked Zombies – Zombies – Shangri La Live Stream Footage with Subs Round 19

I gave people shoutouts for following me on facebook www.facebook.com I also invite people to play from Facebook and Twitter. Follow me on twitter if you prefer twitter.com this was streamed live on YouTube and Live Streams are published to Subscribers as well as YouTube friends so that is why it is in your sub box even if you aren’t subscribed to me.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This is a scene from the popular norwegian movie Død Snø (Dead snow) The song is called Min dag (my day), created by Åge Aleksandersen. Very funny!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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43 Responses to Wicked Zombies – Zombies – Shangri La Live Stream Footage with Subs Round 19

  1. Xguy890 says:

    how many people are playing this game? and waht is thee? maxium players

  2. Xguy890 says:

    how many people are? playing this game?

  3. FAVIAN7734 says:

    Hey if anyone wants to play shangri la with me? my gamertag is FAVIAN7734

  4. dauber444 says:

    nice vid btw u? sent me this wicked lol

  5. dauber444 says:

    hey u sent me this vid wickedshrapnel and its pretty good 😀 nice work? for getting to round 19, i can only get to round 12 online D: lol

  6. PIEGUYRULS says:

    Why did you say the magnum sucks just get speed? cola and your good but the pack a puched magnum is REALLY good

  7. RyanConnorMinecraft says:

    yo dude? ill play with you my gammer tag is Xx Alien xX

  8. MrLavastar says:

    i am still a fan of? kino. shangri-la is to wierd

  9. killerman09100 says:

    and then make it 4? player split screen

  10. Gvern100 says:

    costom zombie mode does not go to leader boards cant get achevements ether. just for fun….. good game u and syndicate should? play together that would be epic

  11. darkscar244 says:

    thumbs up if you watch? THESYNDICATERPROJECT

  12. snipinducks7 says:

    y shoot their? nutsack?

  13. MultiGimpster says:

    do? you jhave ps3

  14. MrSkullnight says:

    ME TOO!?

  15. ichgo1981 says:

    u? could totally play with me

  16. Theblazingman says:

    this is why? i need an Xbox:(

  17. 10NAWFSIDE says:

    whant to? be my frend

  18. xCezium137x says:

    balistic knife + bowie knife + pack-a-punch = 1 hit knife till round 20 or 25, and revive someone across? the map if u can hit them
    i <3 the balistic knife so much!

  19. xCezium137x says:

    and a glitch mode!? with no patches, but no leaderboards as well

  20. XEXLoBByHD says:

    DISEMBLE!? <3 Hey man

  21. TgxChubby says:

    Big fan wicked. Nice video. It would be an honor to? play shangri la with you sometime. Made it to level 31. My tag is TWO PUMP PETE. Cheers!

  22. DisembleHD says:

    lol i miss? u

  23. XEXLoBByHD says:

    Oh Yeah :) I’m oG? x aFFecTz! 😀


    add? me:ArTiC Albo

  25. brycebowen1 says:

    good game you? annhialate with the pistol

  26. Hanzy302 says:

    Dude: ?

  27. xezopen says:

    Åge Aleksandersen – Min dag?

  28. oXcIdInsideGaming says:

    Think they’re more nazies than zombies.. Thinking that these? are nazi-zombies.

  29. dazze940 says:

    What’s the? song called?

  30. Fr3akyBeelie says:

    81 people are? zombies

  31. minecrew1000 says:


  32. andrei8999alb says:


  33. MagneOldeide says:

    Beste? fighting musiken ever!

  34. fenderfrikk6 says:

    Norge er best til skrekkfilmer!!!!!!?

  35. nochanger says:

    Jeg fikk så sjukt lættis av? ………alt

  36. MrKongssund says:

    Fin natur i? alle fall

  37. ichhatte27zentimeter says:

    do you know what the word ingot? means?

  38. ichhatte27zentimeter says:

    you say it’s wrong calling vodka slawig russians subhuman? why you are american then? why the only comments i get from this ape russians are written or russian or? simply fuk jou?

  39. BallizticProductions says:

    Who do you think you are? Calling anyone “sub-human” is wrong, and makes you? no better then Hitler himself. You are an Ingot, so stop being so unintelligent and unproductive and grow a pair.

  40. BallizticProductions says:

    i did not? enjoy this…..

  41. spoofoflife says:

    Funniest horror movie ever!?

  42. ThatCoDNoob says:

    Not even a zombie deserves to get his? dick sawed off by a chainsaw…

  43. MangaChibiAnime says:

    Norge tar? over! :O <3

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