Walking Dead Recap and Review – Season 6 Episode 7, “Heads Up”

The Walking Dead recap show is back on Collider Video with hosts John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga. It’s episode 7 of season 6……………………….and we finally have our answer. The answer we’ve been asking about for 2 weeks. The answer to the question that the entire internet has been asking, the entire Walking Dead world and everyone in Alexandria: is Glenn alive?! The answer… yes. Josh is literally eating his words. Next week on the show he will eat his moustache on a chicken parm, because…GLENN IS ALIVE.

This episode is titled, ‘Heads Up’, mostly, because as Rick mentioned, “We’re just trying to catch our breath.”

The biggest obstacle between the group and peace as of right now, is the U2 concert size crowd of walkers waiting outside the walls of Alexandria and just how they’re going to get Daryl, Sasha, Glenn, Enid and Abraham back into Alexandria. It’s high time Rick starts trusting people outside of his core group. Because he’s going to need everyone in order to make this happen. It’s impossible to fight battles on two fronts, when enemies, alive and in dead form, wait just outside the utopian inside.

The problem with quiet is that it’s much harder to see the snakes creeping through the grass. They come in all forms and mostly in the form of pale faced Ron. F***ing Ron. This kid is out for blood with misguided vengeance. Is he aiming his rage toward Carl, Rick or someone else? The gun is loaded, who gets the bullet?

But back to Rick, is he having trouble trusting the people in Alexandria because they have rogue ideas that only make sense in their mind. Spencer’s attempt to repel out of the town is example 1A. Are these people dumb or just plain stupid? We never really get an answer to that question, because baloons fly, but then everything comes crashing down. CRASHING DOWN…in a heap or energy leading us to the mid-season finale! BRING ON THE BLOOD.

The Walking Dead recap show is hosted by John Rocha, Kaori Takee, Quinn Marie and Josh Macuga. They are here on Collider Videos every week talking, answering your questions and most importantly entertaining all of you ‘The Walking Dead’ fans. Thank you for watching! #ColliderWalkingDead

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11 Responses to Walking Dead Recap and Review – Season 6 Episode 7, “Heads Up”

  1. Danny Price says:

    What if Ron is a red herring. Carol says to Sam "the only thing that stops you becoming a monster is killing" what if he thinks "okay I'll kill Carl!" The kid has some issues. Also the safest bet for death next week is 100% Deana. Morgan is possible too though. And Tobin will die the same way he did in the book.?

  2. raja isarirajan says:

    I feel one of the ways Rick can handle the walkers is to allow the walkers, who have already gathered around the periphery, one by one, into Alexandria, creating a narrow gap in the strong gate, so as to prompt the walkers to peep in, while keeping 3 to 4 inmates holding the entrance gate firmly and at the same time Rick and others can start killing every walker entering inside, one by one, at the gate itself, slowly, systematically and taking turns. Howisthat!?

  3. 97geo says:

    kaori has the sexiest arms in that top?

  4. Jester JLay says:

    I'm currently under a dumpster thanks to Josh Macuga. Send halp.?

  5. Carlos Salazar says:

    who is that guy in the glasses man he is lame…he acts like there dad have sum fun?

  6. Aramai Jonassi says:

    TV show or not, I totally would have needed grief counseling if Glenn died.lol?

  7. AdamUpBxtch says:

    Nothing against any of you guys personally (I like all 4 of you guys on this show not hating on any of you as people or reviewers), but you guys really should of gotten at least one person to be on this recap show who has prior knowledge of the source material (The Walking Dead comics) as there has been a lot of nods and foreshadowing for future TWD storylines that you guys have been missing (Especially in last weeks episode as they were foreshadowing some mega stuff). And some of your guys' predicting is just….ugh….?

  8. BRIAN SNIPES says:

    You Glenn worshipers are too hard on Enid. She's a KID who can handle herself in the zombie apocalypse! She's a badass.?

  9. BRIAN SNIPES says:

    Spencer is so dead. He's not even worth mentioning.?

  10. Chris Redfield says:

    the balloons were gonna be used by ricks group after they completed their mission as a signal for the others. that's how glenn knew about it…pay attention people why do you even have a show??

  11. TheGalacticCrafter says:

    My favorite moment of the season was at the end of the attack on Alexandria when Carol's timer went off. Just perfect. Perfect in every way! 😉

    Also you guys should have a tagline to finish off the recaps, that way it doesn't feel so awkward?

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