Troma Triple B-Header, Vol. 3 – Garden of the Dead Zombie Collection

The Troma Tripe B-Header is now a regular series! Get three full length Troma films on a single DVD for an incredible price!

The first feature on this disk is the DVD premiere of John Hayes’ Garden of the Dead. In a remote prison work camp, the prisoners have taken a liking to getting high on toxic fumes. When they die during an attempted escape, the warden discovers these dangerous criminals are now unstable zombies! The labor camps have been transformed into a Garden of the Dead and it’s time for the harvest!

The second title is Jim Larsen’s Buttcrack. Starring and featuring the music of the legendary Mojo Nixon, Buttcrack follows the exploits of a man who seeks the assistance of a Bible-banging preacher man to help ward off his zombie roommate.

The final title is Chad Ferrin’s Unspeakable, which features a father striking out against the world after the death and ressurection of his young child.

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List Price: $ 14.98
Your Price: $ 40.00

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