This is DayZ – Ep 8 : Alt F4 (ArmA 2)

Logging back into the NW Airfield we decide to quickly loot it before moving out. It doesn’t take long before we encounter other players, and the wonderful ALT F4 trick. If you enjoyed this video then please Like and comment. If you loved it then please Favorite it. If you would like to see more then please subscribe! Reddit: Episode 7 – Episode 6 – Episode 5 – Episode 4 – Episode 3 – Episode 2 – Episode 1 – FOLLOW ME Facebook: Twitter: Channel: SQUAD ===== Paul (Squirrel) – Chris (Sacriel) – Freddy (OshiSeven) – Carl, Mike, Dave Music: Kevin MacLeod — ignore — Additional Tags: Squirrel Squirell Squirrels Nuts SquirrelsNuts Squirrel Gaming DaSquirrelsNuts DaSquirellsNuts yt:quality=high dayz “arma 2” “arma II” arma arma2 arma3 operation arrowhead 30fps 1920 1080p 1080 PC game FPS shooter simulation sim war military army new first impressions review commentary sidestrafe sacriel gameplay “lets play” tutorial UK mod sound jsrs dayz dayzmod coop zombies walking dead zombie apocalypse lapotino airfield solo sniper ghillie chernogorsk cherno balota chernarus
Video Rating: 4 / 5

See the full The Walking Dead Playlist here! ? Buy The Walking Dead Ep. 2 ? ? The Walking Dead – Part 5 ? In this episode of The Walking Dead, Lee and the group finish business at the dairy farm and stumble across something that could end their hunger problems but create new ones in the future. __________Director__________ Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: __________________________ ? The Walking Dead ? The Walking Dead is a comic book series, turned television show, turned video game. The game is seen through the eyes of Lee Everett just as the zombie apocalypse breaks out. Lee finds a young girl, Clementine, and vows to take care of her through this ordeal. The game is set before to take place before the events of the television show, and whether you are a fan of the comic or show, you are sure to see some familiar faces. Release Date ? April 24, 2012 Genre ? Adventure Publisher ? TellTale Games Developer ? TellTale Games __________Follow Press.Start SAVEPOINT__________ Youtube: Twitter: Facebook: Google+ : _________________________________________ ? Click “Like” and “Favorite” if you like this video. Helps us make more! Tell us what you think in the comments below ?
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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44 Responses to This is DayZ – Ep 8 : Alt F4 (ArmA 2)


    And? more


    Best players? on dayz

  3. flexious1337 says:

    Very good quality,? Liked!:p

  4. FL4SH1337 says:

    Get Arma 2 free version with steam and than arrowhead
    or buy combined? operation

  5. DangoOnyx says:

    Him and his friends look pretty good at? this game though, chances are they’ve been alive for awhile longer than that.

  6. meatstick2731 says:

    ya just wondering how long hes been alive because the average life for a player is something like 27 mins.?

  7. ScoffingSniper says:

    I don’t? think he has died yet.

  8. PSOICA says:

    you have to find? a camo suit

  9. raymitch7410 says:

    I like how he calls the dude a bastard for logging when he’s randomly hunting people with a group. At least a? few of the guys were honest and admitted they would have logged as well.

  10. rocketman50 says:

    The Book Of? Eli !!!!!

  11. RebelTomahawk375 says:

    Paul your character remids me of Staff Sergeant Griggs? from COD 4 o_O

  12. ikhouvankoekjes123 says:

    how? can you make your char look like you ? :)

  13. PlzDontShoot8D says:

    arma 2 combined operations is arma 2 and arma 2? operation arrowhead which are both required for the mod.

  14. DaSquirrelsNuts says:

    Yes, the footage is from a couple of weeks back. I do this so that I know I have? enough material for a series.

  15. meatstick2731 says:

    Hey Squirrel, i’m just wondering but the debug monitor says 196 zombie kills how long have you been alive for with this? character ?

  16. MegaFlyingOrange says:

    Paul, how come? you have the humanity meter? Is this an old clip or am I missing something?

  17. TheGamingUpdated says:

    He doesn’t put them into all of his videos, only in ones where he talks about those games and that is very different to putting another youtubers name.
    Whenever I type “SideStrafe Dayz” your channel pops up? above his.

  18. TheWoodIsGreen says:

    I will find you. I will follow you. I will salute you. I will be shot by you, but most likely Chris.? I will be happy. 😛

  19. woodlauncher says:

    Why not just put in a 15 minute logout lockout if you’ve killed someone? and a 5 minute logout lockout if you’ve been in combat. If you DC your character will stay in game until the lockout is gone. Simple.

  20. deflatable says:

    Great videos.? I really enjoyed the series.

  21. AmazonSims3Thief says:

    Haha… The little girl hasn’t learned anything? yet.

  22. AmazonSims3Thief says:

    She is? the most amazingist and funniest person in the whole world!

  23. jpc1918 says:

    Just saying you would be 1 hell of a bad mom if you act like this in a fucking zombie apocalypse
    Just saying but If you act? like this You will not survive the first minute you’ll just make death come closer by everything you do

  24. jpc1918 says:

    Really you even bother asking why she wouldn’t help?

  25. MashaPasta says:

    Rofl? you made my day xD

  26. misiomarysio says:

    That is? so funny, you said “katchka or whatever her name is and duck” and I’m from Poland and in Polish kaczka (pronounced katchka more or less) means duck. Nothing special, but it made me lol so hard. 😀

  27. TheGamingPrice says:

    Yeah. P.S. I like how theres? no walkthrough with Doug. Lol

  28. 333CakeCup3336 says:

    I know,? If Clem dies I’m going to literally bawl

  29. Stuurminator says:


    Carley showed some amazing technical ineptitude in Ep 1 when she thought a radio was broken, but it? was just missing batteries. You never saw that conversation, though – I guess the designers didn’t consider that possibility.

  30. TheGamingPrice says:

    Its sad how they? keep losing survivors episode by episode. Imagine how it would be for the fifth season.

  31. lovebugdaniela says:

    quxxn:? my heart is like beating
    me: OMG REALLY!!

  32. Mike Horne says:

    @ilikefood643 ? Jolene is da crazy bitch

  33. Mike Horne says:

    @chocoholic0496 no, her mother was out of state when all this happened… at? least…I think so.

  34. Mike Horne says:

    @weekendmaniacs it’s noy out yet!?

  35. Mike Horne says:

    @xMichellexlolx it isn’t even out yet!?



  37. JacksiThePlayer says:

    Quxxn onlyyour vids have more views than other ppl on pressstartsavepoint =P?

  38. xMichellexlolx says:

    when are you going to upload episode? 3 ?!?!

  39. cheyennebeltran10 says:

    when is episode 3 gonna be out? this is forever…..?

  40. redunicornangel says:

    yeah, you’re? totally right

  41. manda25ism says:

    Can’t wait for the next one! :)

  42. RichBayBay says:

    @beutyblondsims2lover Yea thanks ?

  43. CherryFlynn says:

    Aww you? FUCKHING a holes…… Laughed till i fell of the chair

  44. weekendmaniacs says:

    when are you gonna make the next episode? thumbs up so quxxn see

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