This is DayZ – Ep 6 : The Ghillie Shot (ArmA 2)

Still patrolling Lopatino Airfield. I’m running out of rounds with my M24, then we see a Ghillied Sniper. If you enjoyed this video then please Like and comment. If you loved it then please Favorite it. If you would like to see more then please subscribe! Reddit: Episode 5 – Episode 4 – Episode 3 – Episode 2 – Episode 1 – FOLLOW ME Facebook: Twitter: Channel: SQUAD ===== Paul (Squirrel) – Chris (Sacriel) – Freddy (OshiSeven) – Carl Mike Music: Kevin MacLeod Get the DayZ mod! – (ArmA 2 & Operation Arrowhead required to play) Six Updater to manage and install ArmA mods – http Installation, setup and gameplay – — ignore — Additional Tags: Squirrel Squirell Squirrels Nuts SquirrelsNuts Squirrel Gaming DaSquirrelsNuts DaSquirellsNuts yt:quality=high dayz “arma 2” “arma II” arma arma2 arma3 operation arrowhead 30fps 1920 1080p 1080 PC game FPS shooter simulation sim war military army new first impressions review commentary sidestrafe sacriel gameplay “lets play” tutorial UK mod sound jsrs dayz dayzmod coop zombies walking dead zombie apocalypse lapotino airfield solo sniper ghillie chernogorsk cherno balota chernarus
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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15 Responses to This is DayZ – Ep 6 : The Ghillie Shot (ArmA 2)

  1. DangoOnyx says:

    Exactly, this game actually takes strategy, it’s not just run-n-gun like more than like the CoD fanboys complaining about their gameplay. Not that I’m bashing CoD just? the players that act like it’s the only way a gun game should be played.

  2. MegaFalloutAddict says:

    wise words? my friend :)

  3. blakeauen says:

    “he must be dead”…..

  4. 2RayneR7 says:

    If you can’t calculate everything just by feeling? then you are losing your time. Doing math doing sniping … wut!? XD

  5. Mike Miller says:

    So adding to that, the sniper in the? video was trying to figure out the range of the hangars. If he knows the height of one of the small doors, he can use the same calculations to figure out the height to the door, and thus his target.

  6. Mike Miller says:

    Basically you’re using the dots in the scope reticle to figure out the range of the target. So if you know the height of the person, probably about 6 foot standing, perhaps 4 foot kneeling, you can then do a quick calculation. Target? size (in yards) x 1000 / Mils read = yards to target.
    Ex. if we now the player is 6 foot (2 yards), and when I look through the scope they are two dots high… 2 x 1000 / 2 = 1000 yards away.
    There are better visual explanations online. Google mildot

  7. wookumschnookum says:

    Could you explain that a bit more in a pm perhaps? I’ve never used a sniper before but I? know i’ll be having a hard time figuring out how to aim with it.

  8. jesusgarcia268 says:

    Best game? ever

  9. Mike Miller says:

    Not sure if anyone gave you this idea but… at one point you guys had difficult ranging the target at the hangers. You should be able to figure out the smaller door height (Usually between 7.5 – 8 foot high) and then make calculation based on that using mil-dot.? Next time set up your sniper position, when one of your teammates are running around the hangars have them stand in the door and figure out what the height is.

  10. ApeloFellow says:

    yeah… i? reckon you alt f4’ed

  11. Mrdeanop2 says:

    Anyone else think it’s pretty convenient that the server kicked them out just as they was being chased by a fuck load of Zombies. They didn’t even show us? it happening either xD I reckon they all disconnected before the Zombie killed them and made up the story about the server kicking them.

  12. TheMcfw says:

    I just end their life? with a sniper rifle from 500 meters.

  13. RoundBrushSteve says:

    that was the funniest? comment in a game i have ever heard “Do you want me to give you a blood transfusion?”

  14. wrongwayup says:

    You know, for zeroing your scope without a range finder, you can use the mildots on the scope. No need for estimation and missing like you guys did 😉

    The method is pretty simple; hight of target in meters, multiplied by 1000, devided by hight of target in mildots. Zombies and players are about 1,8 meters tall, so it would be 1800 devided by the height of? the target in mildots. You do all this in maximum zoom of the scope.

  15. 135KACH says:

    2:02 – 2:12 POLICE siren in? the backround 😀

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