This is DayZ – Ep 2 : Cat & Mouse (ArmA 2)

Following on from Episode 1, we go back to the airfield near Lopatino looking for the clan players again. It turns into a game of cat and mouse, with us hunting them whilst they hunt us! Episode 1 – Comment, like, and subscribe for more! SQUAD ===== Paul – Chris – Carl Facebook: Twitter: Email: Music: Kevin MacLeod All information on my channel page: Get the DayZ mod! – (ArmA 2 & Operation Arrowhead required to play) Six Updater to manage and install ArmA mods – http Installation, setup and gameplay – — ignore — Additional Tags: Squirrel Squirell Squirrels Nuts SquirrelsNuts Squirrel Gaming DaSquirrelsNuts DaSquirellsNuts yt:quality=high “arma 2” “arma II” arma arma2 arma3 armed assualt ARMA: Armed Assault 30fps 1920 1080p 1080 PC game FPS shooter simulation sim war military army new first impressions review commentary sidestrafe gameplay BAF british forces UK mod sound jsrs dayz dayzmod coop zombies walking dead zombie apocalypse bf3 cod airfield clan m24 m4a1 sniper heli steal theft runway airstrip loot control tower north west sacriel lopatino

For full episode: Bite Me director and co-producer Jarrett Lee Conaway made a return visit to Filmnut tonight. This comedy / Zombie series that is produced by Machinima, and Lionsgate and airs on youtube and Fearnet, is a breakout hit where it is up to three Zombie gamer nerds to save the world from, you guessed it, Zombies. In the interview Conaway talked about the creative process, working with the writers, Andy Shapiro and Bob Quinn, his shooting style and working with the actors. We also talked about the editing, budget, shooting style, equipment and the future of new media. To catch up on Bite Me you can go here:
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24 Responses to This is DayZ – Ep 2 : Cat & Mouse (ArmA 2)

  1. xXvengeZz says:

    this guy makes really good lets plays subbed:) he and psi syndicate make the? best

  2. Izkilah says:

    “A Helicopter! Im scared i don’t know whether to log? out…”
    “Don’t be gay”


    Your doing this series right Squirrel, nice summary/brief at the start, good team that knows what they’re doing and good conversation. Love how? your making these man!

  4. EliteFleet1337 says:

    Louis, Bill, and Francis, all you need now? is Zoey.

  5. CrossHarry says:

    why is? he randomly losing health at like 6:50?

  6. EchoAlphaOscar says:


  7. DaSquirrelsNuts says:

    If you were joking then put something to that effect in there like a smiley or? “jk” or “trololol”. Then I know you’re not being serious.

  8. xT0IVIx says:

    I was only joking mate, wasn’t trollin’ just thought it was funny. I’m one of ur subscribers so I wouldnt actually report you lol, in fact I’ve never reported anyone on? any game apart from AFK’ers on League of legends.

  9. darkstar8196 says:

    I know,? man.

  10. Hallelujahmkay says:

    We can tell, you’re obviously? a real hardcore motherfucker.

  11. darkstar8196 says:

    No. I’m not? a pussy.

  12. DaSquirrelsNuts says:

    LOL. So I play a character in a game with dark coloured? skin pigmentation which makes it harder to see in shadows and that’s a racist comment? It’s just an optical fact.

  13. xT0IVIx says:

    2:00 – “I’m batman me, im in the shadows.” –
    Thinking to myself – “Oh cool he just reminded me, there’s a new Batman movie about to? come ou~Wait a minute! *Rewinds* = omg he said “black man” REPORT FOR RACISM…

  14. xT0IVIx says:

    DID I GET SCARED? Even though ive seen the intro i always? forget so it scares me every time! XD

  15. Xelian86 says:

    I thought that at first, but it was one of those crouching zombies. That means there was probably? someone over at the barracks there as they were too far away to spawn them, I think.

  16. madwalters says:

    Did anyone else see? the guy at 15:43?

  17. dlcmuskrat says:


  18. xugamer07 says:

    “I’m? out of bullets, shoot the fucking thing!” – lol

  19. SulfurCitizen says:

    man that rabbit scared the? shit out of me

  20. Bryle45withROBLOX says:

    They act so? pro

  21. Bryle45withROBLOX says:

    They? act s

  22. ApeloFellow says:

    the intro also sets a great atmosphere for? the video to come

  23. AngryTapewormGames says:

    Twas a zombie good sir.?

  24. x4mpl3 says:

    “Once I’m geared up my deaths are only? to other players” yep…a total badass. Zombies don’t mess with you 😀

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