The Zombies – She’s Not There

video i put together
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Francis, Bill and Louis have to escape the zombie wasteland in this work-in-progress Minecraft Mod. It’s a pain in the arse to install and is still an early version, but you can check it out here: ? Yogscast Gear: ? Facebook: ? Twitter: ? Forums: ? Podcast:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 Responses to The Zombies – She’s Not There

  1. poopyscoopy5 says:

    Just to reiterate.. 0:11 … you can? never unhear.

  2. sarahwatts33 says:

    fantastic song, love the vocals? the instrumental and rather eerie overtones to it! !! God I wish I was young again!!!!

  3. drsc110 says:

    the sound is time less vocals are just great?

  4. YorkTheDuchess says:

    THE? ZOMBIES featuring Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent play The Duchess, York – Saturday 6th October

  5. TG280 says:

    St Albans Hertfordshire’s contribution? to pop music and pretty good they were too.

  6. rickadlam says:

    Yes it does suck for some. But then getting old beats being dead.
    The great thing about British pop from the sixties for me is that I can? still remember these groups when they first appeared on TV. Its imprinted. So say Hi to your Mum for me. I know how she feels. When you listen to that music you are fifteen again. And 47years is instantly wiped off your slate.

  7. maskedavenger777 says:

    Perhaps, it’s the? man that makes the wardrobe.

  8. Kristina Rosenberg says:

    I didn’t? even notice that, and I saw your comment so I had to go back and see it. I laughed loudly.

  9. thedeadbeatsmusic says:

    We just wrote some Zombies inspired rock music and would really? really appreciate it if you went to our channel and left a comment. Please share with your friends! We really appreciate your help. Thanks

  10. Moongold7 says:

    Super cool.?

  11. Mannchild11 says:

    250 of them at that. I’m shocked. Who doesn’t like classics from the 60’s. And this song no less? What the? fuck crawled up their ass?

  12. seizetheweakened says:

    250 people are upset that no matter how? many times they refresh this page it won’t go to color

  13. heliotropezzz333 says:

    As I was walking up the stair, I met a girl who? wasn’t there. She wasn’t there again today. I wish that girl would go away.

  14. boltonox says:

    Yeah though not because they were fashionable….they weren’t. Its because the only kind of spectacle glasses you could get back then were these style called horn rims? and were usually worn by nerds……

  15. jo smith says:

    don’t? bother trying to find her…….she’s not there.

  16. justbefoda says:

    Who the fuck disliked this? song ??!!

  17. whackamolechamp says:

    Santana did an? awesome cover.

  18. whackamolechamp says:

    Epstein managed both. ?

  19. PKFreakz says:

    He covered it, I like? this version more though

  20. thebagelbombinc says:

    but you forgot 1 thing? ITS ILEGAL

  21. Demetri Cyvka says:


  22. GabeyAllason says:

    minecraft+left 4 dead+yogscast+awesome!!!!!?

  23. TheBublefish says:

    @YogsCondor? derpedness Yes

  24. macforeveryeey says:

    So true? i fuckin hate surveys

  25. ninjabomber9514 says:


  26. 2Pepzy2 says:

    Gilla om ni är från Sverige o ÄLSKAR The Yogscast!!!! Like? if you ar frome Sweden and LOVE The Yogscast!!!!

  27. YogsCondor derpedness says:

    do the guns come with the mod??

  28. 38meadow says:

    i found a buried? village before

  29. yugiohgpro139 says:

    fuck this mod is okay i guess not really l4d but u know l4d is way much better? than this but this’ll
    will do FOR NOW lol

  30. LordOfTheMonkeys9 says:

    contents include:
    1.multiplayer (has to be offline mode, THIS IS THE ONLY DOWNSIDE!) can change your skin(people who bought minecraft won’t see your skin though, sorry)
    3.minecraft(duh :p)
    4. You can mod it or add txture packs to it
    5. This isn’t hacked or anything it gives you the exact same minecraft.jar and .minecraft folder as the “actual” game, i know i have both
    6. IT’S FREE!
    7.(for you paronoid people or? haters) There are ZERO viruses included, i often run virus checks and it’s fine

  31. LordOfTheMonkeys9 says:

    skrew those freaking sites that ask you to take servey’s and shit!
    ok if you want a real site that? ask ZERO SERVEY’S then go to
    all you need is a google+ account and your good to go :)

  32. sanachollisn says:

    That’s the reason i got Minecraft. It’s a available to down load? at no cost on this amazing site:


  33. RachiieeBoo785 says:

    Hey, I’ve just received a free Minecraft Giftcode!
    You can get? one too!

    >> <<

  34. hewfil1 says:

    Did he say Stimpaks? -_- -facepalm- This is a? L4D mod.. Not Fallout.

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