The Walking Dead with Rager – “BANDITS!”

Help me out by leaving a LIKE if you enjoyed. Also help my channel grow by subscribing KTNX BAI Episode Two has FINALLY been released after months of waiting. I continue my journey to survive the zombie apocalypse while I search for food for the group. Shit is about to go down.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Zombie the cranberries (cover)

Video Rating: 5 / 5

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12 Responses to The Walking Dead with Rager – “BANDITS!”

  1. Nougat341 says:


  2. Nougat341 says:

    Real nice video,? great job :33

  3. bradboom11 says:

    those are not? bandits

  4. xxAcexNinjaxx says:

    Does he do sosick? for halo? The host of it sounds alot like him

  5. Millenia Hawk says:

    Fucking Cliff? hanger >.<

  6. iwantpig says:

    arrow? to your shoulder bitch!

  7. MACabral3the2nd says:

    @Millenia? Hawk you see me post one single spoiler and you ask why im posting multiple ones?

  8. Millenia Hawk says:

    Why the fuck are you posting spoilers if? you know it’s a spoiler you dick?

  9. browniemw3 says:

    no his head gets? blown apart

  10. gamerdude730 says:

    Good? riddance.

  11. MACabral3the2nd says:

    *spoiler alert* Larry dies from a? heart attack

  12. nelu555kiss says:

    Hahaha keviin? y shu ghorritha jeje ndmad les falta quiien knte

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