The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid-Season Finale Tonight! Final TC2 Q and A!

The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid-Season Finale Tonight! Final TC2 Q and A!

Alright what’s going on guys it’s Trev back again here to bring you my final Q and A video where I will be answering your viewer questions for the mid-season finale of the walking dead season 6, episode 8 Start to Finish!
Hey Trev, Love the vids, i thought u might find it funny that i fall alseep to your videos with my headphones in at night because i love your thoughts and opinions on the walking dead, my question for you is about carl and how i find that the tv series has not transformed him as much as the comics series has at this point in time, do you think we will be seeing a big transformation of carl in the near future, and make carl more hard and deadly to other survivors, he is ricks son after all haha. – amckeachie

Hey Trev, back in season 3, the producers were considering killing off Carol, but they eventually decided against it and killed off T-Dog instead. How do you think things would have been different if T-Dog survived, especially with the wolves attacking Alexandria? – Kyle Cole

Hi Trev, Thank you for all you do for The Walking Dead community! I can always count on you to get my fix. For Q&A: I’ve noticed The Walking Dead has consistently had a character pushing for the humanity side of Rick’s group’s decisions. First Dale, then Hershel, now Morgan. If Morgan dies who do you think will take that role? Be it an existing character or a new character introduced from the comic books. Thanks! Emily

hey trev, do you think morgan and abraham will die in the second half of season 6? – Kevin Mases

Hey trev, I wonder if you agree on this topic of Shane… Heres why I dont think Shane was bad or even crazy. I truly believe that Shane knew he wouldn’t be the father (even if he really was), and he wouldn’t be able to live with that. So he made sure rick was strong enough do anything it takes to keep them safe, even if it means killing your best friend. Shane did alot for the group. He kept them all safe until rick showed up, gave carol peace of mind by letting ed know he’s not going to be laying his hands on her anymore, letting the group know the cdc wasn’t the right place to go, saving carl (he told Otis to leave him at the school and take the medicine back, but Otis refused, so he did what he had to do to keep Carl alive), killing the walkers in the barn, finding sophia, killing randall (that was pretty much a going away present, quality assurance), and helping rick become the leader he is today. Shane was a good smart guy, yeah he might’ve been extremely upset about the love triangle and not getting lori, or the baby, but I don’t think he went crazy or even off his rocker. He was depressed. He knew exactly what he was doing when he lured rick into the field, he was taunting him, even put his gun down and told rick to kill him… he wanted rick to kill him, to make rick stronger. It worked, didn’t it? – Suma41a

Glenn from Ireland here. Love your videos. Couple of questions for you… Has the walking dead lost it’s credibility with a clearly pregnant Tara not being explained? Has the walking dead lost its credibility with the Cheap Glenn survival thing that everyone saw coming? If I may…one more question..every zombie tory usually lasts a 2 hour movie. Is the walking dead stuttering in this season? And if so, can it come back? – glenn loughran

Hey Trev Q&A. Do you think Morgan will kill the the wolf in the mid-season finale? I have a suspicion that if Morgan will either have to kill the wolf, or be killed by the wolf. As always keep up the good videos – BlackStrat370

Hey, Trev. Love your channel. Thanks for all your hard work. I have a question for your Q&A and I hope to hear your thoughts. Do you think Negan will pick Morgan for the infamous Lucille beating, and Carol will volunteer to spare Morgan’s life? Here’s why I think this. In Episode Two, Carol and Morgan cross paths at the end of the episode. They symbolically seemed to understand each other’s ideas, i.e. Morgan believes all life is precious, and Carol thinks killing is necessary. Tonight’s episode, Carol seemed to realize she was a monster, and some of her past actions and kills might actually be wrong. When Negan enters, he decides to kill Morgan, and Carol volunteers to take Morgan’s place and spare his life. Before you say it, I know Carol is the safest character on the show, but Kirkman’s statement would be a great way to throw the fans off to her upcoming death. Lastly, Carol’s character wasn’t supposed to make it this far. Daryl is too popular, and Morgan is too obvious of a choice. This death is supposed to shock us. I think it’s going to be Carol’s time. What do you think? Thanks for all you do, Mary – MaryGIrl Moody

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31 Responses to The Walking Dead Season 6 Mid-Season Finale Tonight! Final TC2 Q and A!

  1. Allan Venancio says:

    tonight is the night?

  2. Infamous™ says:

    Why I don't read the comments on this channel:
    -TONS of spoilers
    -"not far" comments
    -Unfunny, annoying comments from the Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon channels.?

  3. David Barrett says:

    I think Trev is as excited as me it's on at 2AM Enjoy?

  4. Thomas Flanagan says:

    Q & A Hey Trev, love the amazing videos, watch them all the time. Wondering if you think that Daryls time is up. As much as it pains me to say, I was wondering if you think that it is time for Daryls demise. Do you think that this is true, or do you think they are setting up a fight or a conflict between Dwight and Daryl.?

  5. Im Rick Grimes And Im Banging Jesse says:

    Im Banging Jesse Alot tonight?

  6. CathalGazza says:

    Still wanted to leave a comment :) Great video :)?

  7. Drew Nichols says:

    omg the comment section makes me want to kill myself?

  8. Sister Tina says:

    Trav quick Q!!!! Carl without a eye ? Do you think will happen??? Even though I know it is in the comics. But what do you think in the series??? I'm extremely excited for tonight lol?

  9. The Couch says:

    hey trev for the next Q and A i have two questions.
    1. If you could pick any two weapons what would you choose? i would choose a trident and sawed off shotguns 😛
    2. If you could go back and edit parts of TWD what would you choose? i would make Tyrese appear in season 1 instead of T Dog and have him die in the battle for Woodbury when rick rescues Daryl.
    Thanks for reading, from the Couch of the Ghettos?

  10. A Conda says:

    and i am spoiler free, ha ha ha.
    dont scroll downn, just dont scrool down.. ^^?

  11. Anna beckfeld says:

    have you seen the new trailer for lauren cohans the boy??

  12. Zach G says:

    I really hope Morgan gets Glenn's death. Abraham should already be dead, Daryl would cause riots, Rick and Carl are too safe, machonne has too much more to offer, carol is apparently safe, Maggie is pregnant, Glenn is too obvious, so it has to be Morgan.?

  13. Zach G says:

    Question: do you think Tara will get her leg blown off instead of Heath since Denise is with Tara instead of Heath??

  14. Zach G says:

    Response to people who think Jessie is gonna die or that she isn't the new Andrea: in the comics, Jessie is a scared wimpy woman with short black hair. In the tv series, she has become a strong authoritative figure. It is no coincidence that they had the actor dye her hair blonde and have her style it like Andrea instead of her comic book counterpart's hairstyle. In the comics, the first time Rick expressed his love for Andrea, he kissed her on the cheek. Sound familiar? That's because Rick kissed Jessie on the cheek on in season 5. Now do you all believe Jessie will survive and become the new Andrea minus the sharpshooter part which Sasha got??

  15. Spoil-Me Stacy says:

    OMG they did NOT TRICK US on Glenn's death!!! If they wanted to trick us, then maybe they should have been smarter about it….. Don't tell Chris hardwick in advance that its all a trick, because his acting clearly sucks. we needed real sadness and emotions from him on the show right after and we needed Glenn to be in the memorials part of Talking Dead!! What would have been the big deal if they added him to the memorial and then it turned out that he was alive!?? It would have been totally fine because supposedly we were alllll suppossed to think he was dead!!! And wtf was that few episodes when they took Steven's name out of the intro??!! Really???? Yeah…. that's real subtle… Okay rant over.?

  16. HazimusLegendN57 says:

    Glenn's korean meatballs not far?

  17. fangz 1243 says:

    I got my Key lime pie ready to eat witing on the walking dead my fav food for my fav show?

  18. HazimusLegendN57 says:

    Rick's hand not far?

  19. tammy yarbro says:


  20. MrBanano123 says:


  21. The Blazers says:

    What was the music called?

  22. Claudia Endretich says:

    super buena jajajajaja me gustaría verlo todo el tiempo?

  23. Kevin Webster says:

    This….was beyond……stupid.?

  24. Jayner Padilla says:

    Who's watching in 2015??

  25. Heles Schahin says:


  26. Atyias Caseel says:

    live asf?


    eso es un sombi de mentiras q bobada bueno .bueno el baile?


    jajajaja q risa muchos guevones mrk?

  29. Emerson Mendes says:

    qual e o nome da música?

  30. Ezra Alexander says:


  31. Tina Vo says:

    gangnam style my favorite everbody doing the dance now?

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