The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 Heads Up – Review

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 Heads Up – Review

Alright what’s going on guys it’s Trev back again here to bring you another video. This one will be my official weekly review for the walking dead season 6 episode 7 which is called, ‘Heads Up’.
I am going to give this week’s episode a 9.4 out of 10. This was another awesome episode with some amazing developments for the season finale. From the tower falling down destroying the wall allowing the zombies to get in to Glenn surviving, to Enid becoming our tv series version of Sophia, and the build up with the Alpha wolf. This episode was amazing.
I cannot believe this first half of season 6 is almost over already, it has been for sure the best half of a season we have had so far I would say. I hope you all enjoyed it and check back in about 1 hour for the predictions for what I think will happen in the mid-season finale.

Click here for my predictions of what I think will happen in the walking dead season 6 mid-season finale episode 8 – Start to Finish:

As always thanks for watching everyone and subscribe if you’re new.

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34 Responses to The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 7 Heads Up – Review

  1. Dale says:

    The dumpsters da real mvp!!?

  2. Michael “Walker Stalker” Grieco says:

    We wondered about Glenn's fate for three episodes not four.?

  3. Ben Kloppenburg says:

    i still dont like how trev considers the morgan episode one of the weakest. an episode that is slower does not make it worse?

  4. bobbyw223 says:

    edid or edin w/e her name, she needs to be slapped! lol?

  5. bobbyw223 says:


  6. Busty McNutters says:

    Pulled a John Snow. Same reason I'm not all that excited about the new season of GOT coming up either.?

  7. DewkChronic says:

    I liked this episode and was not calling shenanigans when Glen did what he did. We seen it before with the horse and Rick scrambling to safety.?

  8. Marycool33 RBLX says:

    It was an awesome episode but now it will be really hard for Glenn and Maggie to reunite. It's gonna be the same thing as the prison all over again. People will think other people are dead, people will be lost in the way, people won't find each other for forever, bla bla bla.?

  9. Olivia Marcum says:

    I predicted that Enid thing ??. on the Talking Dead , Enid (Katelyn) said the next time you see her you will be surprised. the the next week that Glenn shit happened and BAM! I knew what she meant?

  10. Lyn Croughan says:

    You're such a nice guy <3?

  11. Soraya Sity says:

    not nice?

  12. iggsolo says:

    IMO episode was meh?

  13. SmiffyDoesGaming says:

    Great video again Trev love watching your videos keep up the good work?

  14. Emp3ror luk3 says:

    trev is definitely dead junkie?

  15. Alyssa TWD says:

    Someone should ship Carol and Sam?

  16. Alyssa TWD says:

    I don't like enid. She doesn't even deserve a capital letter.?

  17. chinesesmw says:

    Abraham got ahead of himself.?

  18. Cassie George says:

    I love your videos?

  19. joel Lopez says:

    In so excited for Negan?

  20. NinjaGamingNerd says:


  21. Jonathan Nguyen says:

    Me please?

  22. xyz_Josh says:


  23. Cat98 says:

    vomr yn?

  24. Connor Von says:

    I think the person on the walkie talkie was aaron calling for help since in the new episode the walls fell down.?

  25. Hunter webb says:


  26. Luke Bergstrom says:

    Let me get that?

  27. Daniel Van Heest says:

    The person who I think said "help" was Ron. After seeing the episode from yesterday, it doesn't make sense for Glenn to be saying that. It sounded like a young boy, so I think it's either Ron or Carl, but mostly Ron. I think it will make more sense on the mid-season finale.?

  28. Batman wolf22 says:


  29. AW Gaming says:


    isnt that screen saver the bit in the comic where glenn dies??

  30. ocky88 says:

    Sasha is so darned pretty!?

  31. Jamie Ferrante says:

    The help was the guy who stole th

    Daryls motorcycle?

  32. Thijs Snel says:

    i want to believe its glenn butt i think it is some randome dude?

  33. Chance Hatch says:

    Eugene was on the radio?

  34. doug “douger” carr says:

    So they def want us to think Daryl is going to DIE with all the foreshadowing. Mainly the burnt walker with helmet on in the woods, and the fact that when DIXON is wrote in mud on the door by Sasha, there is like a big x through it. So maybe instead of glen getting LUCIELD by NEGAN maybe it will be Daryl.He should get himself a Moto HElMET to stop any brain bashing.Thoughts??

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