The Walking Dead – Glenn is Alive

Glenn’s fate is finally answered on The Walking Dead! This is Season 6 Episode 7 Heads Up.
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15 Responses to The Walking Dead – Glenn is Alive

  1. VISCA AND LUCA says:

    bruh this is literally obito all over again?

  2. kill ace says:

    this is what we call stupid BS we saw him die with a lot of zombies nope I'm done fuck this?

  3. K-A-H 96 says:

    this is why i stopped watching this shitt he should be dead, you have game of thrones were they kill a main character like every episodes whereas shitty walking dead its impossible for mains to die?

  4. Chronas 9.9 says:

    glenn!!! you are alive!!!?

  5. GirlOfFire says:

    I'm so happy Glenn is alive! He's my second favorite character! I cried when I thought he died?

  6. GooMba PaPa says:

    such a lucky bastard?

  7. Me Of course says:

    Dumpster is da real MVP?

  8. Lps Indi Studios says: all I can say omg…..??

  9. Vincent Toast says:

    thank god! I'm so glad he's alive?

  10. StonyCurve Gaming says:

    What's up if you like The Walking Dead Check out the Video Game "The Walking Dead The Video Game" It's a lot of fun you guys should get it if you don't already have it.

  11. Kiefer Alayan says:

    yes! glenn is steel olive?

  12. Alen Alic says:

    Mid-Season finale videos coming up this Sunday.?

  13. Mixer forlife!! says:

    Dad is alive?

  14. John Cena says:

    what really happened:
    nicholas ded
    glenn: SO MUCH BLOOD falls into horde of walkers

  15. letsgoracing12 says:

    Let' all take a moment of silence for our beloved dumpster :)?

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