The Walking Dead 6×07 Glenn Is Alive!!

The Walking Dead 6×07 Season 6 Episode 7 Opening Scene Reveals Glenn Is Alive!! this is how he survived. Glenn’s Fate revealed.
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12 Responses to The Walking Dead 6×07 Glenn Is Alive!!

  1. Chastrie says:

    Most incredulous survival ever. Let's hope Negan fixes that with the help of "Lucille."?

  2. johnpaul vintero says:

    I wanna watch the mid season finale fast fast fast!!!!!?

  3. johnpaul vintero says:

    omg last two more episodes!!!!!!!?

  4. Aiden Miller says:

    So Glenn falls head away from the dumpster, but lands with his head by the dumpster? Now as happy as I am he didn't die in this terrible way, I don't find it believable he was able to somehow 180 mid air to land head by the dumpster that he fell away from?

  5. ChelseaFcTheChmps says:

    2 things that piss me the fuck off.
    1) The fact that it is physically Contradicting from AMC to have Glenn alive and crawl under the dumpster when he fell with his head away from the dumpster.
    2) if You're gonna keep him alive, go with the Dream Sequence and not the fact that his friend all of a sudden has another bullet in the gun which is why they climbed up the dumpster in the first place.?

  6. Zulo Tube says:

    I don't think glen got bit?

  7. Derek Booth says:


  8. TomboyBasketball300 Emily says:

    We knew it?

  9. TomboyBasketball300 Emily says:

    Negan killed Glenn in the comics?

  10. The dark raptor lizard says:

    everyone that said he was dead was souless haters?

  11. DiginURGrav3 says:

    How did the walkers not eat Glenns legs. They were not under Nicholas were they??

  12. just some random guy says:

    i fucking new it!?

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