Super Indie Spotlight – Dead Meets Lead! (Review)

This week on the Super Indie Spotlight: Dead Meets Lead. This is a seriously beautiful Zombie Shooter with a great plot by Keldyn Interactive. They have chosen to release the game as FREEWARE so check it out now! Download Dead Meets Lead for FREE Here: Show them some love on Twitter Product Code for download: 17ad0e29-d567-4455-a7a3-108541e01558 Follow me on Twitter: Like my Facebook Page: End Music by Hige Driver: “indie statik” “dead meets lead” “indie game” dead meets lead “indie games” super indie spotlight “super indie spotlight” “game review” “video game” freeware “Indie Game” walkthrough zombie “zombie game” Keldyn Interactive

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13 Responses to Super Indie Spotlight – Dead Meets Lead! (Review)

  1. tazzramizz says:

    dude how can you lie that? much,game is shit,graphics are dull,gameplay is non existant…its just a linear mess and its not even worth to be called a game

  2. tazzramizz says:

    this? game is shit

  3. MrHappytaffy says:

    Indie title in sweden, not the? world.

  4. Ryuuken24 says:

    THIS was nominated best game of the year, THIS? Either the standards have been given to a child, or they’re? way too low.

  5. lyfeportrait says:

    Love your? reviews! I subbed :)

  6. IndieStatik says:

    No problem! Its definitely worth a? free download! :)

  7. Wutoholik says:

    Played the Demo a long time ago, but at this point? I had no option to purchase online. Than I forget about the game – thanks for reminding me ^^

  8. Earthian666 says:

    Great review…XD But sad about the game company…Definatly going to send the creators some much? needed love>.>

  9. 0TheYellaFella0 says:

    dude where do u find all? these games

  10. clubace090 says:

    this game looks pretty fun, some sort of co op or multiplayer would probably be awesome in a game like this?

  11. MrHaloreachfanatic says:

    Tb did a wtf on? this

  12. russiozon says:

    This looks? amazing ^^

  13. chaosguys says:

    i? swear TB h8s this game

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