Shangri La: Round 87 Part 5

Ray gun can’t do anything!! Trying something new, I probably won’t be able to hold much longer. I’m still going for 100+ though, show me some support! Unfortunately I died on round 84 so I had to get all perks again, but this is me coming back! Click here to watch round 77!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Call of Duty: Black Ops MOON GAMEPLAY! As promised: Part 1 of my run-though of the NEW Moon map. The new Rezurrection map pack out on Xbox and coming to PS3 and PC shortly. It’s freaking awesome! 😀 Hit that ‘Like’ and ‘Favorite’ button and show your mates! Follow me on Twitter! Thanks for watching! — black ops moon gameplay rezurrection call of duty map pack black ops moon gameplay rezurrection call of duty map pack black ops moon gameplay rezurrection call of duty map pack
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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28 Responses to Shangri La: Round 87 Part 5

  1. joemchang says:

    Thats scary how they always? follow you

  2. hunken456 says:

    very nice ?

  3. benloewe says:

    a few questions, why do you have double tap? what round did you eventually make it to? also why did you open the door to the left? and why do you use three shots to kill a train of? zombies, when you can kill them with one shot of the baby-maker if you aim at their heads, finally why do you need to box whore when you can simply wait for drops and turn them into max ammo. sorry your probably overwhelmed with questions there…

  4. benloewe says:

    @ChristianHolloway this may be true but until someone can show video evidence that remains? the record, (well not anymore because swask beat it…)

  5. ChristianHolloway7 says:

    Lol. is there a solo leaderboard? or something? no!! not everyone uploads their records on youtube. 106 is not the record and i know that for a fact!

  6. AmPxProductionZz says:

    Cmon man beat therelaxingend ! You got? this bro!

  7. swask2 says:

    @Y2krispy 106? by TheRelaxingEnd

  8. Thiago22929 says:

    Man,good the round,but in solo is easy ,in multiplayer is a little? more dificult

  9. ZombieStationEU says:

    TheRelaxingEnd did? it

  10. ChristianHolloway7 says:

    wtf? no its not!? how can u know that?

  11. ZombieStationEU says:

    @Y2krispy 106?

  12. iAMkxno says:

    @Y2krispy 106 by? therelaxingend

  13. NICDADICK1 says:

    thumbs up? if you think he should livestream himself playing!

  14. LIGERSMILK says:

    What? is the current world record?

  15. vDinox says:

    holy shot? dude

  16. Yuri VanNistelrooy says:

    No. Bullets are projected with a force, so they would go atleast? 10 feet, then float up.

  17. Husseinali1234567890 says:

    Why did? he drink the quick revive while he using a mask

  18. Seth Teal says:

    if this was real wouldnt bullets just? float up?

  19. MrScreech62 says:

    Bear? Grills?

  20. anthony48010 says:

    hey do u have ps3?

  21. habiskeyness22 says:

    your saying fuck you just because i dont? think a map is good mate seriously grow the fuck up i dont think its good and some keybored gangster is not going to change my opinion

  22. Brain Gamerz says:

    Fuck you .Honestly?

  23. MrBlackwater0811 says:

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  24. game98killer says:

    I? agree

  25. habiskeyness22 says:

    moon is honestly 1 of? the worst maps

  26. mrs2syndicateproject says:


  27. ajaxfanboy2011 says:

    one time my friend threw a gersch device to? a astronaut zombie and the astronaut glitched and it walked super fast and backwards my friend was super scared

  28. BlOSHOCK2 says:

    “If nothing goes right? go left.”

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