Revenge of The Living Dead Girls

Promoted as France’s first gore film, Revenge of the Living Dead Girls (La revanche des mortes-vivantes) is a compelling shocker packed with sex and horror that has grown to legendary status as one of the most perverse zombie films ever made. This cautionary tale of environmental contamination offers a more extreme spin on Jean Rollin’s The Living Dead Girl (which shares this film’s special effects man, Benoit Lestang). A compatriot of auteur Jean Rollin, director Pierre B. Reinhard is best known for his adult films starring Brigitte Lahaie, but also turned out other horror titles including Ghost Soldier and Le theatre du Grand Guignol. Now in its premiere presentation on any format in the United States, you can experience the diseased charm of unclad zombie girls with decayed skulls in the French shocker that goes too far!

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