Project Zomboid – V2.0.0q – Ep 22. – Farm is up, door is down

Mod info is below 😀 Leave a rating if you enjoyed :) Episode 21: Farming Mod: Checkout my latest blog post: Maya jumps into Knox county to tell the story of how he died in this Apocalyptic world where survival and escape is not a long term option. Thank you for watching. DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL: DIRECTOR’S FACEBOOK: DIRECTOR’S TWITTER: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This video will show you: How to play Project Zomboid How to survive a zombie apocalypse How to craft some basic equipment in Project Zomboid – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Tags: mayatutors maya tutors project zomboid apocalypse survival bite infection disease indie walkthrough guide let’s play crafting yt:quality=high open world survival horror video game The Indie Stone scavenging weapons food medicine machinima realm gameplay commentary “how to” Close call “season 2” “s2” “ep 1” “episode 1” Til death us do part Project Zomboid : An apple a day ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 1. “Project Zomboid : An apple a day ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 1.” Project Zomboid : An apple a day ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 1. Project Zomboid : The flood ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 2. Project Zomboid : Golfing with zombies ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 3. Project Zomboid : Stealth ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 4. Project Zomboid : Grand Central ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 5. Click here to watch Black Ops: Zombies Level 25+ Challenge Episode 2 (Gameplay/Commentary) ————————————————————————————- Hope you guys enjoyed this! What types of zombie videos do you want in the future? —————————————————————————— Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for Open Lobbies! Facebook: Twitter: ——————————————————————— This video will teach you how to: How to kill people in Call of Duty How to get a gameplay on youtube How to shoot your gun How to get far in zombies How to use a chopper gunner How to use a Gunship ————————————————————————— TAGS: call of duty black ops gameplay painting paintball instructions tutorial cycling montage weapons racing guns hacks chips “motor sports” semiconductors nature gaming hiking “extreme driving” gardening computers defence history “video game” “war games” hunting biking russia fps environment “off-road vehicles” warfare defense “modren warfare” “tips & tricks” outdoors SGCBarbierian X minecraft Barbierian lets play zombies
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42 Responses to Project Zomboid – V2.0.0q – Ep 22. – Farm is up, door is down

  1. SuperAnimeChicken says:

    @DarakaTECH But, that? would be cheating

  2. TehJoninator5 says:

    THERE WE GO? *grabs Coke-a-Cola and skittles*

  3. demoniccheesepuff says:

    *grabs? skittles*

  4. TehJoninator5 says:


  5. demoniccheesepuff says:

    Havnt seen your videos in a while… TIME TO START A WATCHATHON! *grabs popcorn? and soda*

  6. vesuvia99 says:

    They’re? working on it 😉

  7. onemasterslayer says:

    I really like the power generator idea. Here’s one other thing that would be cool. You don’t really want to use apples and other food to obtain energy.? So how about you burn zombie bodies for it? That way you would get power and dispose of the bodies.

  8. ZombieBlaster9000 says:

    this? game should be online

  9. mryomantoo says:

    REALLY!? WEEK WTF MAN ps love the video

  10. Jaw2k98 says:

    I started a new game and spawned? in a house and the alarm instantly went off. 😛

  11. spo666tty says:

    Maya come? back :-

  12. apersonnamedjack says:

    Genuinely concerned? about maya atm!

  13. mashguy2 says:

    hey maya zeds get? ya or some thing?

  14. twicealego101 says:


  15. rbh1138 says:

    Surviving after? the water is out is really really hard. Having to travel to get it. Plus once it gets after a month the horde regroups and starts roaming around until they find you. I hope someone makes a map mod where they add a river or stream and make it so the power won’t go out. As if its a nuclear powered city. Something to make it easier. Maybe a military base too.

  16. MentalRetardsRUs says:

    Maya you dead??

  17. shlimshlum9000 says:

    Adam and u should build tractors and race? and u can only build in out of wood

  18. huntermanj799 says:

    you? shod do more garry’s mod plees

  19. Vienyc says:

    Hey, I think about it for my next mod, just have to find a good way to do it, if you have any good idea MP me : RobertJohnson on? the official forum :p

  20. VineFynn says:

    Yes I do. You’re freaking out about the content a youtuber makes. That’s about it.?

  21. iwantowinrh says:

    lol? u never even used ur black holes.
    thumbs up

  22. Bygdezgaming says:

    How much does Brano (HUNGRY for all that don’t know his name) like Cookies???

  23. GodsGoldfish says:

    How did you? get started?

  24. pudding231 says:

    Doesnt the claymores? set a chain reaction if there put too close together or something?

  25. metalheaddrummer66 says:

    3:02 if you do the gun? will just go back into the pack-a-punch machine

  26. DiibzxD says:

    do you get mad babes?

  27. wiiupload says:


  28. JJSHEA10 says:

    OOOOHHH i got a? good question okay here i go. Can I borrow Tom For my finals so he can do my math problems?

  29. Mr99dinodan99 says:

    are you always on games? and what do you want to be when you are older???

  30. itssmeeinajiffy says:

    shutup and? go get drunk

  31. IrishGamer360 says:

    That was a terribly phrased comment. Learn to spell before insulting people.?

  32. SirPetter100 says:

    “If I where dead”= could be one of your names?

  33. soccerkid187 says:

    minecraft 13? please….

  34. SoupyBeh says:

    When are you uploading the Q&A video? :D?

  35. itssmeeinajiffy says:

    this is a terrable stratgie?

  36. BlackShadow233 says:

    what is your favrite? zombie movie

  37. XStoneFace says:

    All of you call of duty fans check out my channel for top 5 killfeeds of the week and send in your? clips!

  38. JASONxEDGEx says:


  39. TheMilk200 says:

    i hit 120000?

  40. wiiupload says:

    i have hit 100000? points before

  41. minecraftFREDO says:

    What? is your favorite Zombie map?

  42. thedarknessisrising says:

    none of my friends like to play zombies so if u wana play im on xbox my gt is? darkulars son my highest is 38 with 2 people and 45 with 4 people :)

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