Plants Vs. Zombies – Episode 11

In this episode I complete levels: ? 3-9 ? 3-10 Music: Ultimate Battle If you wanna make sure to be updated whenever I post more PVZ be sure to subscribe to the show! ^^ Like Me On FaceBook! And subscribe to my channel as well! Wanna see other episodes? Check out the playlist! Follow Me On Twitter! I take no credit for this game. I’m just recording as i play through it & giving information/help for any fans/new gamers. All credit to popcap etc, for an amazing game! Plants Vs. Zombies – Episode 11Plants Vs. Zombies – Episode 11Plants Vs. Zombies – Episode 11

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12 Responses to Plants Vs. Zombies – Episode 11

  1. Polkiemaawn says:

    Well? I just like the 2 rows of sunflowers then I can just buy a butload of whatever XD

  2. 12bluered12 says:

    tip: use 2 rows of sunflowers, snow? pea – (first defense), potato mine – (to have more time for your sunflowers), repeater (2-3 rows of defense), tall-nut (plant early), threepeater if you want, spikeweed (before tall-nut, for zomboni) there you go!!! :)

  3. Polkiemaawn says:

    When I? get up to it sir!

  4. DJMixxedUp says:

    When will you play? the roof part???

  5. letsplayfan202 says:


  6. Polkiemaawn says:

    Maybe? o:

  7. ZickFromDepaRO says:

    Can you play happy? wheels? :3

  8. AlexsandriusKramucs says:

    I hate dem zamboni veichles.. xD?

  9. PredatorProduction says:

    Haha? don’t be :) i don’t mind the wait :)

  10. AleksN24 says:

    Two rows of sunflowers ? You used my advice? :3

  11. Polkiemaawn says:

    Well then I apologize for it’s? slow progress!

  12. PredatorProduction says:

    my favorite? series :)

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