NiNjAcraft – NiNjAcraft Episode 009 – Damn Zombies

hey guys, i hope you guys like this new series. What this series includes: In this series i will be learning more about Minecraft. For example i will start working with redstone and figuring everything out. I will be accepting suggestions, so if you want me to learn how to do something and then teach you how please tell me. if you want me to build something, please tell me. – Thanks for watching, please Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! Map download: (must have winrar to open) ?————————————————-? Please check these out!!! Yeousch ? YeouschCraft ? http My Twitter ?
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14 Responses to NiNjAcraft – NiNjAcraft Episode 009 – Damn Zombies

  1. imetobama says:

    Thnxs? ^.^

  2. Damian3D6 says:

    Cool video keep? it up!

  3. NiNjAassasin545 says:

    ok, i will work on it? next episode.

  4. imetobama says:

    Can you teach me how to make? a cobblestone generater?

  5. gamer1669 says:

    make a lake bro

  6. codbeast1472 says:

    Build a big? watch tower thingy

  7. codbeast1472 says:

    First? again

  8. 22bjonah says:

    loved? it

  9. PerpetualJordan says:

    Haaaaaaaaaaaaai? I’m well!

  10. rugh137000 says:

    the mooshroom is a hunter mooshroom?

  11. MrYahooguy says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai how? you doing

  12. PerpetualJordan says:

    I play the occasional bit of Xbox, but? I’m primarily a PC gamer.

  13. rucka20011 says:


  14. TheCrazyPrankster says:

    aww, last to get laid? and stuff :(

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