Let’s Play The Walking Dead – Episode 2 [Part 3] Perimeter Secure?

Let's Play The Walking Dead - Episode 2 [Part 3] Perimeter Secure?

After Weeks of Waiting, The Walking Dead game finally returns and It’s Better than ever!! Seriously… I fucking love this! 😀 ?This game is based on the comic book series by Robert Kirkman, and i have for you, you guessed it, LOTS OF ZOMBIES! Kinda 😛 This game is awesome and i’ll try my best to guide myself and little Clementine to Safety, hope you Enjoy! – – – – – – – – – – – – – ?Buy the Game!: store.steampowered.com ?Follow me on Twitter! : twitter.com ?Walking Dead Playlist! : www.youtube.com

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21 Responses to Let’s Play The Walking Dead – Episode 2 [Part 3] Perimeter Secure?

  1. sprflyxlr8 says:

    ambivalence is having conflicting feelings about something or someone, maybe him noticing u put him down about larry and back him up about the dairy was? ambivalence 😀

  2. MrSmith2285 says:

    Why does he keep making british? references?

  3. Arzak8 says:

    Just a note on the reality of using gas fueled generators to power? an electric fence. If they’re using several and running them 24/7, they would be burning up a lot more than a few gallons a day. Also, since the walkers are already dead what good is an electric fence? It might set them on fire, but a wall or trench would work just as well and doesn’t have the hazard of setting things on fire.

  4. MrBklipz says:

    He’s? saying pointy…

  5. nickcorwin66 says:

    Mayb? not idk

  6. nickcorwin66 says:

    He thought he heard mark scream? but he did turn the fence on perps

  7. mrrapslayer says:

    21:25 mah favorite part?

  8. soldier660 says:

    i would like see you play Fallout 3 man ! Combine a lot with you ^^ !!!! see how you? do the things :) !

  9. soldier660 says:

    About the fency he said : Its Pointy :) !? about ambivalence ! its when you see the good and the bad sides of one thing :) ! like when you said its good but need people see ?
    he he he !!! i laught a lot when you said JESUS ! he he ! you are the best zombie game narrator man :) !

  10. soldier660 says:

    Very funny seeing you playing and commenting man ^^ !!! you are awesome :)? !

    and you are sick ? you are tosing a lot !

  11. EireBornFenix says:

    Won’t? be quitting this series any time soon :)

  12. LilJoshxD says:

    i got a twin little fun fact.
    and bro? keep this shit up i love this dont quit this series!

  13. Trapperx89 says:

    He? said Mmmmmh … Pointy. maybe you should use the sub

  14. EireBornFenix says:

    I don’t turn on subtitles because I always stare at them and? not the characters, i miss out on some tense stuff

  15. EireBornFenix says:


  16. EireBornFenix says:

    Thanks will do :)?

  17. EireBornFenix says:

    Ahh ok that makes sense lol was very unclear? to me

  18. EireBornFenix says:


  19. mcc4llg4ming says:

    He said,? “Hmmm, pointy.”

  20. SuperMorphGuy says:

    He’s saying pointy lol? its a city accent

  21. stijne96 says:

    Maybe if you can’t hear stuff like he said “Mm.. pointy.” Perhaps it’d be nice to turn on the? subtitles? Or is there a reason that you’d rather not do it? : o

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