Let’s Play – Pokemon SoulSilver | Episode 1 – The Adventure Begins!!!

Yes, Yes I know another series, but thats the beauty of having your own channel, you can post whatever you want! Hopefully you enjoy Follow Me On Twitter – twitter.com Like Me On Facebook – www.facebook.com My Reddit – www.reddit.com www.youtube.com Lets Play Pokemon SoulSilver | Episode 1 – The Adventure Begins!!! – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Click here for a playlist of all my pokemon videos! – www.youtube.com

DON’T READ THE COMMENTS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE SPOILERS! After this episode, Part 9 will be out on Tuesday, Alan Wake on Monday, just to make sure that I finish off with Alan’s adventure :) Get the game on Steam!: store.steampowered.com Endsplash Music: “Zombie Hoodoo” by Kevin Macleod ? Hannah’s Facebook: www.facebook.com ? Twitter: www.twitter.com ? Forums: yogscast.com ? Yogscast Gear: yogscast.spreadshirt.co.uk

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35 Responses to Let’s Play – Pokemon SoulSilver | Episode 1 – The Adventure Begins!!!

  1. shadowk88 says:

    Don’t stop playing pokemon I love it and minecraft and cod and all your? vids

  2. andrew199924 says:


  3. BarryMyCockNYa says:

    lol u should use tuhe name “sickballs” lol?

  4. Sn1persWay says:

    I beat the game and i also got mew two in it! Its a really fun? game!

  5. ClubPenguinguy12341 says:

    When you get a hoothoot name it big hooters?

  6. Jxckers says:

    And that’s why? you clicked on this video…

  7. TheDragonflame1200 says:

    Don’t dis pokemon you 1 year old…just cause? your not old enough to play it yet geez…dickcock

  8. truesaiyanwarriorz says:

    Sir or Madame I respectfully disagree with your statement. Plenty of people? play Pokemon who are in their late teens and later in life. 2 year olds cannot play Pokemon because they cannot read and an adult wouldn’t be dumb enough to purchase a 2 year old a game system. Thank you for your time and have a great day.

  9. RockRampMW3 says:


  10. RockRampMW3 says:

    @kian170800 You? are a 30 year old that lives with hi a parents and goes on Pokemon and hates like a faggot

  11. truesaiyanwarriorz says:

    Haha Doug loves his pokemon. I think if his power? pokemon would be smeargle just like Hutch’s power animal is a gopher

  12. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    well he did tweet me asking when it was going up lol, so Id say so! Also thanks for that thumbnail, it is “cool” as? you would say :)

  13. truesaiyanwarriorz says:

    Thats a cool thumbnail you got there 😀 lol. NIce video Justin and I’m sure Doug is super happy that you’re doing this. ?

  14. zCharzavier says:

    now i is gonna play that game and hack it and get all those pokemanz that you can’t? catch

  15. biggeSTCODrager says:

    right? when u started u got further than me!

  16. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    Ive never seen a 2 year old play pokemon…?

  17. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    more will be coming soon!?

  18. primosniper720 says:


  19. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    lol? nice

  20. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:


  21. SuperSaiyanGamerz says:

    will? do :)

  22. ckr0k3r says:

    How do u record a nintendo ds? game!??! I want to do this!

  23. mastergamer876 says:

    them 34 persent are stupid he gets killed anyway while ur saving? him

  24. t0talnerd says:

    My iPad was buffeting? and stopped at 1:26….fml

  25. pugpugpug0 says:

    Oh my names Andy and my heart jumped a second when Hannah? said my name… Scared me a little lol

  26. Maya Sengha says:

    Oh my god wtf if your right!!! That woman was kinda? creepy, the “mama”. Yikes!

  27. CSHXII says:

    I have a sick feeling they are eating the zombies that die on the? fence!

  28. SuperLordGaming says:

    Hey man that’s nothing to “LOL” about. Yeah he is very mean but he dies and you just laugh about it so? fuck you.

  29. Yojimboslayer1 says:

    i love this woman? she’s awesome

  30. 645cheong says:

    Larry is? a fucking racist

  31. B3nWall112117hd3d says:

    they are kanables they eat people

  32. HotshotChunk says:

    1:26 is noy scary

  33. SirGarjelBlah says:

    i will find you. and? i will molest you

  34. annoyiorangeisawsome says:

    1:26 scared thE LIVING SHIT OUT OF ME,OMG?

  35. TheMerger0 says:


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