LA Zombie Movie (Behind The Scenes) Porn star Wolf Hudson, vlogs about the upcoming indie film “LA Zombie”, directed by Bruce LaBruce. The films stars Francois Sagat, Matthew Rush, Francesco D’Macho, Erik Rhodes, Eddie Diaz, Wolf Hudson, Rocco Giovanni http

Zombies! FUCKING ZOMBIES! Whose ready to kick some ass on the 13th?! —————————————————————————— Be sure to comment, Like, and Subscribe! Want some EPIc Zombie shirts, Decals and other stuff? Check out Niik is the Admin of ThatGamingShow, a Site and community dedicated to Livestreams and youtube entertainment. ThatGamingShow is a member of the Machinima Network, and Partner Niik’s Channel: Niik’s Twitter: TGS Livestreams!: Be Sure to LIKE us on Facebook, and Follow TGS on Twitter!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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36 Responses to LA Zombie Movie (Behind The Scenes)

  1. TommyAK13 says:

    I think I jizz? a little bit every time I see Francois.

  2. kof2589 says:

    shut up? wanna see the guys

  3. garpigdaddy says:

    W-Hudson is the fking bomb
    What a personality this guy has. for some reason remind me of old hollywood. Charisa pours of of this? guy. Huge fan,

  4. reebokblokey says:

    Great video the movie looks so? different
    all you guys are so hot

  5. daddydiaz90 says:

    just all up in some youtube?

  6. sardo744 says:

    Love your videos?

  7. blab69 says:

    The lighting is so good! xxx? Blab

  8. blab69 says:

    I love you guys! You are? so reality-based! xxx Blab

  9. WolfHudson says:

    Thank you, I really appreciate it. :-)?

  10. WolfHudson says:

    Thanks man. I always try to be myself. Thanks? for watching. :-)

  11. ravinon says:

    Thanks for? posting this Vblog! Love to see yall being yourselves.

  12. TSProductionzZHD says:

    He just said if you liked Zombies you will be really happy… The characters coould be zombies you? know so no need to be getting happy.


    hmm zombies i’ve heard that from somewhere, oh? that’s right THE FUNNEST THING EVA

  14. ABEL19336 says:

    Whats the name of the full? video pklease

  15. xDr4kxKILLERx says:

    It is the? end

  16. KiddWhoFOBS says:

    easter eggs :) wutwut?

  17. VaLiiDzZ says:

    Check out the Video? Responce !! 😀

  18. MrTomfray says:

    Do you have a link to? this video?

  19. sergiosergio13 says:

    Head just? exploded.

  20. volpe2077 says:

    it’s better be fuckin true, i? expect a fantastic zombies experience!! (i just hope Dempsey, Nikolai, Takeo and Richtofen to be in BO2 T_T!!)

  21. AlexsFILMS says:

    wheres? the full interview??

  22. UnrestrainedEnt says:

    Yes good one..but idk about the campaign :/ i? would rather play multiplayer than campaign. still we all just want black ops 2 for the zombies 😀

  23. KrauserFan2010 says:

    I’m definitely buying? this. I wonder what new wonder weapons will be brought into zombies.

  24. Ggamer0 says:

    Guys who want the game watch my lastest if i reach 500 subs before the 1st of december im giveing away a copy of CALL OF DUTY? BLACK OPS 2 :)

  25. shortstuff780 says:

    easy… buy two xbox/ ps3/ PC (which ever you perfer) then buy two BO? II then play both at the same time…. for me ofcourse ima play the campaign first then zombies…then multiplayer! I rather play Zombies be4 multiplayer and campaign makes me decide if the game is going to be good…and from i can tell HELL YA

  26. deedsfordead says:

    ZOMBIES!!!!!!!! ?

  27. Magicz918 says:

    I would sacrifice zombies to? treyarch fixing thier glitchy ass servers not trying to troll just sayin

  28. UnrestrainedEnt says:

    YES! i agree man
    zombies is what should be played first!
    i hope the maps? are awesome! 😀

  29. crisis521 says:


  30. drock1killedyou says:

    i am? getting pissed off at all the people thinking that zombies are not coming back they know how much we love zombies and activision knows how much money it makes them.

  31. iibabyronron says:

    zombies! tbh? you have all year to play multiplayer but why wait for the zombie epicness!

  32. UltimateR1der says:


  33. UnrestrainedEnt says:


  34. tejroe1 says:

    I fucked a duck out of luck for a schmuck on a firetruck,? then i walked away…

  35. RHunterProductions says:

    when i saw the words zombies and already my parents told me to shut up. :D?

  36. lcdawg23 says:

    still not? convinced there probally gonna do something gay with zombies

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