I Zombie

A test video created by my brother Garritt Windspire to test some effects of a new program he was learning, and to test the moonwalk technique Windspire Entertainment www.windspiretv.com
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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7 Responses to I Zombie

  1. vancoover says:

    Balgosa? sweet ass vid ..!..(>_<)..!.. rock!

  2. vancoover says:

    i like the part where? the undead is like all white and shouts thats an awsome shot right there

  3. fathersbeer6547 says:

    different version of? the song

  4. csdust says:

    Actually the effects are very much? like that of White Zombies vids… and well I love white zombie and wow, so nice work. lala…

  5. Leebsterftw says:

    Umm thats was really really good, the contrast of the warped church then jumping into the undead, it reminded me of old 90’s metla film clips to tell the truth. really? really impressive work.

  6. gamerblue says:

    Garritt here, this? video was created soley as a test of a new program I was learning, I didnt bother to do much editing or worry about camera angles etc. I just wanted to test out and see what was possible with Vegas 4.0 at the time

  7. echowitch says:

    Great choice of music, filming? needs some work though

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