Game Rage – Scouse Kid (Zombies) (Part 2)

Played a game on Dur-Rice today, found some jokers from…….. Newcastle (Shudders) Go watch PLAYtheGAME’s videos they’re like 10000% better than mine ? People who like me on facebook can recive a special prize! ? You can’t follow me though the streets at night but you can on Twitter! ? Got a passion for fashion? Check out my clothes shop! ?

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18 Responses to Game Rage – Scouse Kid (Zombies) (Part 2)

  1. devilsassassin100 says:

    Turn down mic? I can hear Emilio laugh

  2. MadParachute says:


  3. FaidenGaming says:

    omg really everyone has been a kid and its not like when you first got a dark voice you are like HELL YE NOW I? CAN CALL OTHER KIDS FOR NOOB AND KID

  4. ogovideo says:


  5. zach1999man7 says:


  6. supergladoslogan says:

    Lol he said random? box

  7. Crazyyyyyyyx says:

    Gotta love this? guy.

  8. AYoshiTale says:

    Will! I haven’t been online in 3? days~

  9. Wangtim3 says:

    You sign in and out alllll? the time! :L

  10. Wangtim3 says:

    It’s a classic?

  11. Wangtim3 says:

    That’s what she said… when she fell into the blenderr? o.O

  12. Acikoglu says:

    kyig? tij i7r i76 jty j7tjygj

  13. gangstaaaron7 says:

    lol ray gun glitch nice one lol ?

  14. gangstaaaron7 says:

    lol prolly not worse than mine and my friends lol where always banned for 10 min Reach the moment we get unbanned also? all the shit we talk

  15. ThePizzalover12 says:

    yes joke?

  16. SurviveMeBitch says:

    i no this properly wont get anywhere but i’m a small YouTube but been doing it for ages and haven’t got anywhere, but i really really want to get? more views and more videos up for viewers! i no this will not mean anything to most of you guys but it would be the best Christmas gift if i get some subscribers just by this comment, please thumbs up at-least if you don’t want to subscribe :(

  17. AYoshiTale says:

    Well SHOOT that was my indication of “I’m? back”.

  18. AYoshiTale says:

    You may not be? a zombie world record holder, but you might hold the world record for making someone ragequit in the first 30 seconds of a game.

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