Fright Night Horror Classics

This package contains three films, one a bona fide classic, one an interesting first film by someone who would go on to greatness, and, um, one other one. This set would be quite a bargain if the transfer to DVD weren’t so crappy. It appears that these films were transferred from tape. Since the whole idea of DVD is higher definition, that pretty much defeats the purpose of owning these discs, unless you can’t find these titles in a higher-quality version. Luckily, the best of these three, the George A. Romero classic about flesh-eating zombies, Night of the Living Dead, is available in an exquisite pressing with THX sound and lots of extras. It is also available in this version for the cost-conscious consumer: Night of the Living Dead. It’s nice to have a copy of Francis Ford Coppola’s feature debut, Dementia 13–at least it would have been, if the transfer to DVD hadn’t been so botched that you could see the frames rolling out of control and the tape bunching up in the last 15 minutes of the film. So on the level of the films themselves two out of three ain’t bad. Which is to say that Revolt of the Zombies is so dull, it’ll have even zombies checking their watches. –Jim Gay

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