Dorkly Bits: Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut Gets Bitten

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23 Responses to Dorkly Bits: Plants vs. Zombies Wall-nut Gets Bitten

  1. Chase1002newaccount says:


  2. GreeenGiantt says:

    I want? more pvz videos

  3. elyasjaswadi says:

    why twin? sunflower say reapeater is peashooter

  4. elyasjaswadi says:

    eat is? bra…

  5. Supergordan64 says:

    @Chase1002newaccount? But a repeater does

  6. YopCOM0 says:

    It would be perfect? if bucket-heads died that fast.

  7. Chase1002newaccount says:

    pea shooters dont shoot? that fast.

  8. Kinectikinetic says:

    i’m gonna nibble on your plant? brain

  9. MrEpicguy94 says:

    I HATE THIS VIDEO LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. InfectedRifle says:

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  11. SuperRatedRSpear says:

    why did that sunflower called that reapeater peashooter

  12. F1zzzy90 says:

    @AsSaSain27 yeah so… he turning? more green through that whole video

  13. Ralokone says:

    @Debplayer4? it is almost as if that was part of the video

  14. mengthor says:

    lol? love the end.

  15. Addyvalencia1020 says:

    Press 1,3,4,5 and see the difference with? wallnut

  16. jimmie48ersan7 says:

    walnut looks like peter? griffin

  17. AsSaSain27 says:

    look at the walnut at 0:09 and look at? him at 1:09

  18. ryanisprime says:

    What the? heck……. thats it

  19. Theater0fPain says:

    Too bad pea shooters can turn around… :/?

  20. XXXmynameismissyXXX says:

    isn’t that a? REAPEATER?

  21. nickmaster271 says:

    @FluffyFerret3854 really dude hes a zombie zombies? are green :l

  22. DimentioTheJester says:

    as if? killing a bucket zombie was that easy

  23. andrewsonic0305 says:

    No need to shoot the? wallnut. They don’t do much, you know.

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