Dead Rising 2: Case Zero – Zombie Exterminator Achievement Guide

Geoff and Jack give some zombie killing tips for getting the Zombie Exterminator Achievement in Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.
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15 Responses to Dead Rising 2: Case Zero – Zombie Exterminator Achievement Guide

  1. pickle516 says:

    i have both but it just depends on what you play for example dead island is more of a free-roam sandbox game than dead rising 2 but like i said its? just what you play

  2. billiejean1150 says:

    what is better dead island or dead rising 2?

  3. CasluRootsReggae says:

    wowwww great? Trophie

  4. Deathbringer3557 says:

    No shit.. lol?

  5. nnSharkBaitnn says:

    @E1mbuster Thanks! I never knew? that!

  6. nnSharkBaitnn says:

    @TheKayjack? Thumbs up for a Youtube auto correct…

  7. TheJuggalodemon2 says:

    wouldnt u just get? 1000 kills just playing the store

  8. reefy888 says:

    @TheMisterZander not really it only tells like a small prequel to dead rising 2 and its more like a payed demo so if u want to like experience the full story with like everything u could buy it but honestly its? not really worth it

  9. TheMisterZander says:

    Is case zero? worth getting

  10. TysonRoberts432 says:

    @TheKayjack Thumbs up if the end? Dead Rising 2 is not scary

  11. dopeman459 says:

    @MrBodycoat dlc?

  12. MrBodycoat says:

    how do you? get to this place?

  13. RaNDoMxPoPcOrN says:


  14. bree0087 says:

    raindeer? santa.

  15. MrDbzfan101 says:

    is this achievement? in off the record

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