DayZ – DayZ: Quest for the NW Airfield – Part 1

Another part of Day Z for those of you who wanted more! Leave a rating of you liked/disliked. Enjoy! -DomOne x DayZ map: Previous Episode : _______________________________________________ Like what you see? Subscribe!: T-shirts: Follow Panda on : Facebook: Twitter: Livestream:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to DayZ – DayZ: Quest for the NW Airfield – Part 1

  1. DayzeOfKrow says:

    There is 3 Air fields, one you can spawn near, then there is the North East air field and if you read the title, he was trying to get to the North West… ?

  2. justplaintom2 says:

    thank…you…FOR? THE INFO

  3. 360BLK says:

    There…….more than? one!!!

  4. justplaintom2 says:

    the air field…is in…THE FUCKING NORTH? EAST

  5. McBlemmen says:

    “theres 39 other? people”
    “zombles killed : 39”

    coincidence? i think not

  6. storm1OG says:

    When he was rolling in the beginning, he was? coincidentally rolling to the beat of the music.

  7. ryanclemons1 says:

    if i had this game I would befriend first ask questions later sure i would die a lot but i would rather harm come to me? then others. Of course if i see the guy that killed me after i tryed to be nice the guy is died meat.

  8. TheWolfboy999 says:

    you could buy combined operations from steam if you want to play it but? if you buy both if them separately it costs like £5 more


    not seen him in any of Panda’s day z vids donno if he plays.. the more the merrier? haha

  10. PurelyInfested says:

    You need Arma 2 and an Arma 2? expansion which cost 30 dollars if you buy it on steam, then download this mod which is free.

  11. ZakOfficial says:

    What? about Nilesy?

  12. gurdain3 says:

    One Brit… stuck in the middle of a hoard of French… surviving behind the enemy lines?

  13. BIGBLACKLAWL says:

    Panda!! You, Syiler and Hazzy should try? and get a helicopter!! would be the coolest thing ever 😀

  14. ssgoko88 says:

    1 you cant use? mods with the free version of arma
    2 you need operation arrowhead witch is not free either

  15. kraftyisback says:

    You can download ArmA 2 for Free…?

  16. RUnVanproductions says:

    Hybrid whats your specs? So? I can get this game too!

  17. PieGotFace says:

    of course it is? not free, no need to check anything, its not free

  18. RokoLokoful says:

    Arma is not? free. The mod is and their is a demo version. NO NEED TO CAPS

  19. FuckingGolems says:


  20. ssgoko88 says:

    I? don’t want it. I just need it. GIVE THIS TO ME!

  21. Avalongaurdian says:

    “Shit, I’ve? been duped!” might be the best Pandaquote ever XD

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