DayZ – #5 – Make No Bones About It

Surviving the zombie outbreak with Eric Fullerton, Brent Copeland & Wes Wilson. NEXT ??? ??? PREVIOUSLY Thanks for Favoriting/Liking!! It helps a lot! ? ? ? DayZ, an ARMA 2 mod TOOLS USED ? DayZ ? Fraps ? Sony Vegas Pro DayZ Playlist –
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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13 Responses to DayZ – #5 – Make No Bones About It

  1. Kabuki986 says:

    The EYE and EAR symbols are your indicators to how much you? are exposed and how loud you are…..stop AGRO’ing the Zeds….too funny! (Thanks!)

  2. jacobtheharrison says:

    thumbs up if you saw he had a morphine auto? injection and he could have fixed his broken leg with it

  3. Ins4nech4os says:

    You Killed jamie Hyneman! whyyyyy!?

  4. speedwatcher1 says:

    5:02 Why did you bandage yourself? You were not bleeding. Look? at the blood trip there is no plus.

  5. bobafett215x says:

    Can’t watch video 6, it hasn’t been rated by you guys yet so youtube won’t let me watch? it.

  6. pmaddenbro says:

    love this post more?

  7. watcheem says:

    When is the new computer coming?? I can’t wait to see this series without the lag 😛

  8. ashman1268 says:

    eric,? dont play when its night outside in your time, it becomes night for you

  9. 89teammates says:

    zombies do have head hit boxes, however hitting them outside when they are running at you is? hard enough.
    Best strategy to go through a city is to either sneak and be VERY careful or lead a group of zombies inside where they only walk (making it easier to headshot them)

  10. lasersniper15 says:

    Question do the zombies have head hit boxes or can you just shoot them anywhere for the? same damage?

  11. PlatinumNanos says:

    I use about three different keyboards every day and I don’t screw up? that bad. Or, are you trying to actually learn how to type after spending 15 years as a one finger noob. Unless your seven years old. Then you would have spent seven.

  12. PlatinumNanos says:

    Well, I have never heard of Scoutfreak, so he can’t be that? good can he?

  13. varrock12440 says:

    Get this? on steam?

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