Day Z – Surviving Solo – Part 6 – Fragile Alliance

Hey Guys welcome to my new series called Day Z – Surviving Solo! This is a mod for the game Arma 2 where if you die, your character will die forever – Permadeath! Hope all you hardcore zombie fans love this because i think its awesome! ?Leave a LIKE/FAVOURITE if you enjoyed the video! ?Game: ARMA II: Combined Operations. Buy it HERE: ?Performance Tips!: ?Mod: ?TWITTER:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Day Z – Surviving Solo – Part 6 – Fragile Alliance

  1. jeremiahjaminal says:

    I? guess it doesn’t matter where they are from. a team is useful either way

  2. dylloop says:

    ok one? thig i dislike is the whistling its ear rape

  3. Axcane says:

    just askin cause they guys? where scottish

  4. EireBornFenix says:

    I? have nothing against them, Why?

  5. Axcane says:

    do u like? scottish people?

  6. EireBornFenix says:


  7. thundervalient says:

    Prepare? your anus boy!

  8. EireBornFenix says:

    I don’t think direct was working at this point, but nevertheless i didn’t realize i was? in global lol

  9. mcc4llg4ming says:

    Direct Chat is for people near? you.

  10. mcc4llg4ming says:

    I don’t know if you have? found this out yet later in the series, but you switch chat channels with the “.” and “,” keys. You kept speaking in global chat so everyone could here you, which is very annoying. (Direct

  11. MrKURT911 says:

    Oh… ok,? well i guess ill have to wait then :) thank you for all your help though :)

  12. EireBornFenix says:

    I think there? are one or two aussie and New Zealand servers

  13. MrKURT911 says:

    Ohh sick as.. ill definitely check that out, also i JUST got the game -_- im a bit late and ummm everything is sooo laggy :( i live in australia, and i? thought at least some servers would be good :s

  14. EireBornFenix says:

    i have a co-op series? if you wana see that

  15. MrKURT911 says:

    I think that would be amazing if you started playing with? someone else. :3 haha… no but in all seriousness yeah a dual commentary would be pretty sick

  16. EireBornFenix says:

    I saw that! :o?

  17. joseemilio derbez says:

    dead mau 5 conected ar? 8:21

  18. EireBornFenix says:


  19. meortas says:

    who the fuck is joe and how does he keep showing up? lol.

  20. EireBornFenix says:

    It? was a gonner i’d say anyway

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