Day Z – Surviving Solo – Part 18 – Hostile Spotted

Hey Guys welcome to my new series called Day Z – Surviving Solo! This is a mod for the game Arma 2 where if you die, your character will die forever – Permadeath! Hope all you hardcore zombie fans love this because i think its awesome! ?Leave a LIKE/FAVOURITE if you enjoyed the video! ?Game: ARMA II: Combined Operations. Buy it HERE: ?Performance Tips!: ?Mod: ?TWITTER:
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THE Whose gun is it, anyway? Parody either. Welcome to FPS America, Better THE Whose gun is it, anyway? …. not really. Sausage Fest – Epic Meal Time is cool, this is just… the world’s most awesome and electrifying sport ever. I’ll take you in depth at some of the awesome things. Not everything you see in here is supposed to be real life action, as it is a comedy so please do not say “this is wrong, fake, etc. since I am not look for realism… yet. Just Enjoy 😉 Parodies can include FPSRussia EpicMealTime FreddieW all related rolled into one. YES! We will be doing some more videos with more actors, stay tuned! LIKED THIS VIDEO? TWEET IT HERE BELOW! Also Please Share on Facebook! =) Thanks so much, and don’t forget to check me out on the links below! MUSIC CHANNEL GAME CHANNEL FACEBOOK TWITTER Please share with all your friends, and like this video, it really helps a lot =) thank you and welcome to the channel :) Created by MeganLeeHeart Music composed by Kevin MacLeod Song Titles – Tea Roots, Exciting Trailer, Gearhead, Hotrock Zombie Vegan Attack! “Zombie Vegan Attack!” epicmealtime epic meal time musclesglasses muscles glasses harley morenstein drunk bacon zombie vegan
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36 Responses to Day Z – Surviving Solo – Part 18 – Hostile Spotted

  1. tocboh says:

    DayZ seems pretty stressful? lol

  2. EireBornFenix says:

    oh? hey 😛

  3. kennypham09 says:


  4. RobCoolEntertainment says:

    hey,heres some little tip if you seriusly worry of getting sniped like i do,you can see with the binoculars if theres some snipers out? there. 😉

  5. EireBornFenix says:

    i trust my friends :P?

  6. KillerWhiz5000 says:

    i am fenix the one who trust nobody?

  7. EireBornFenix says:

    Oh i thought you were? correcting me, not you…LOL

  8. travoman333 says:

    Oh lol, I thought you were correcting me then? I realized you were correcting yourself. It all makes sense now…

  9. EireBornFenix says:

    You are (You’re)? only halfway through :)

  10. travoman333 says:


  11. EireBornFenix says:

    lol, guess that? kind of spoils it 😛

  12. EireBornFenix says:


  13. Achilles3331 says:

    I was worried you were going to get killed by that sniper, then I just looked at the future video? names 😛

  14. travoman333 says:


  15. EireBornFenix says:

    Your only halfway? through :)

  16. travoman333 says:

    I am going to be very sad when I finish this series. I randomly? found you channel while looking for Day Z videos and have been watching them nonstop all day.

  17. EireBornFenix says:

    Thanks man :)
    Glad? you enjoy them

  18. identityrulesoyes says:

    brilliant videos, entertaining and funny kp them? up mate

  19. EireBornFenix says:

    If people take the time to leave me a comment i’m going to reply, but saying that, If i get about 2,000 comments in an hour? there would be no way i could respond to all them

  20. sparta2662 says:

    Lol, your accent is awesome ;), and I also think it’s awesome that you reply to people’s comments, only one other person? I’m subbed to does that.

  21. EireBornFenix says:


  22. lolh4x says:

    Haha that’s? like.. the most random jump in logic I’ve ever heard.

  23. EireBornFenix says:

    i know now? lol

  24. EireBornFenix says:

    I just assumed it was? days when i say the roman numerals, it reminded me of how prisoners counted days in cells so that’s how i came to think that

  25. SonoGuap says:

    FPSRUSSIA RULES? YOUTUBE! but I like you too, u have some funny bits…….. And an amazing body

  26. carson robinson says:

    dammm she has an? AUG nice!

  27. Ashley Vaughan says:


  28. BIAODST115 says:

    Airsoft for life!!!!!!?

  29. dddsandholm says:

    haha smoll? plastick softguns!

  30. cy2087 says:

    Are you from Texas, New Mexico or Arizona? Those are the states that produce the most gun toting, foaming mouthed femme fatales like you. Lol, that was funny. I think? the misdirected auto burst was my favorite part. As I’ve said before, see you in the comedy club soon.

  31. cy2087 says:

    Are you from Texas, New Mexico or Arizona? Those are the states that produce the most gun toting, foaming mouthed? femme fatales like you. Lol, that was funny. I think the misdirected auto burst was my favorite part. As I’e said before, see you in the comedy club soon.

  32. RawRiMJosh says:

    says the youtube troll…

  33. TheMoemoemoe123 says:

    i hope you come to? your senses and realize that you are worthless and just die

  34. SKSCanada54 says:

    You’re a fucking retarded CoD faggot. M16 is fully-automatic and semi-automatic dumbass.?

  35. Suitcase65 says:

    The pistol should? have blowback.

  36. B3ASTKR3W says:

    Ok so a m4 has 30 rounds in it and you shout like 70 and it’s plastic and you steel shout like? a B

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