Day Z – Arma 2 – Survival mode – Livestream 13.06.12 part 1

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Video Rating: 5 / 5

Left 4 Dead 2 – The Passing Part 4 (w/ Kevin, TheStormPow, and DarthBlader) While the world ends due to a zombie outbreak, four people dare to take the fight to the streets in order to escape via a place that isn’t New Orleans. On the way, they encounter Mexican zombies, Kevins Seven Evil Exes, and a sewer level. Hold on to your belts, because this one is going to be a bumpy ride. Kevin: TheStormPow: DarthBlader:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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20 Responses to Day Z – Arma 2 – Survival mode – Livestream 13.06.12 part 1

  1. HizzyHean says:

    My game is SOOOOOOOOOO laggy.. anyway to help? prevent that? Please.

  2. GODcorndog says:


  3. SESbeast64 says:

    Does anybody know of? a free version that I can download before I buy the game

  4. xXsImPLyDonExX says:

    29 dollars prob? on steam

  5. solidsnake01134 says:

    damn…..thanks? lol

  6. joshybfps says:


  7. solidsnake01134 says:

    how much do they cost?

  8. AJKSDCA says:

    You need Arma2 and Arma2 Operation Arrowhead to? play. You can buy Arma2 combined Operations to get both for 10 dollars off on steam.

  9. joshybfps says:

    the live ones are done through xsplit and? the others are done through avermedia live gamer hd

  10. joshybfps says:

    i? think its 50$ not sure

  11. thrinelikeit says:

    how much? does this game cost?american perferred

  12. thrinelikeit says:

    josh what are you using? to record these videos?

  13. joshybfps says:


  14. darklon69 says:

    Lol he is? the one that killed me when I was out of bullets and stuck on the roof waiting for someone to help me

  15. joshybfps says:

    lol the start doesnt?

  16. Outlawxxable says:

    this doesn’t? look like survival…

  17. ivanfilc99 says:

    what? server

  18. danny70901 says:

    @TheSsj4gohanok i think? we get it

  19. TheSsj4gohan says:

    lol im the first one to watch and? like this vid

  20. TheSsj4gohan says:

    nice? vid

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