Day Z – Arma 2 – Survival mode – Coop Survival part 48

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Project Zomboid - V2.0.0q - Ep 13. - The horde has returned

Checkout DayZ episode 1: I’m now an author over at Xenolith (Where most of PZ mods are hosted, along with other indie games) Have a look at my Maya jumps into Knox county to tell the story of how he died in this Apocalyptic world where survival and escape is not a long term option. Thank you for watching. DIRECTOR’S CHANNEL DIRECTOR’S FACEBOOK: DIRECTOR’S TWITTER: – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – This video will show you: How to play Project Zomboid How to survive a zombie apocalypse How to craft some basic equipment in Project Zomboid – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Tags: mayatutors maya tutors project zomboid apocalypse survival bite infection disease indie walkthrough guide let’s play crafting yt:quality=high open world survival horror video game The Indie Stone scavenging weapons food medicine machinima realm gameplay commentary “how to” Close call “season 2” “s2” “ep 1” “episode 1” Til death us do part Project Zomboid : An apple a day ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 1. “Project Zomboid : An apple a day ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 1.” Project Zomboid : An apple a day ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 1. Project Zomboid : The flood ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 2. Project Zomboid : Golfing with zombies ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 3. Project Zomboid : Stealth ft. Maya – Season 3, Ep 4. Project Zomboid : Grand Central
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36 Responses to Day Z – Arma 2 – Survival mode – Coop Survival part 48

  1. joshybfps says:


  2. joshybfps says:


  3. joshybfps says:


  4. Toxicjew1 says:

    damn i just went on the server, first minute i was in the forest, no one even said friendly, they just shot, lost an AKM and Makrov and Alice pack, oh well, some people? are just belands..

  5. TheRevenger247 says:

    seriously have you seen his minecraft lets plays it just massive trolls him?

  6. ZeGamingPC says:

    apparently the average survival time is bugged, it should be like? 3 hours XXminutes or there abouts

  7. ChantGFX says:

    are you proving the makers of day? z wrong by making each episode the average time survived

  8. F34RPr0duction says:

    Ah? ok then nice vid btw :3

  9. joshybfps says:


  10. TheRevenger247 says:

    Day Z is trolling fuzzy more then MineCraft does?

  11. joshybfps says:


  12. willisalive says:

    Love? these videos!

  13. joshybfps says:


  14. joshybfps says:


  15. vShiiKami says:

    “I’m not feeling to? worried at the moment I mean it’s a little bit scary”
    *opens blinds*
    “That’s actually very scary”

  16. multipikapoo78 says:

    +1? subscriber =D

  17. shrelock says:

    wait a minute, wasn’t the? water and power supply supposed to of cut out by now? or is that story only at the moment?

  18. Mrlampman12 says:

    Sounds lonely, well? there’s always a massive pile of corpses outside to talk to…

  19. duda1a2z says:

    Good thing they have to go through four doors. I mean one? or two can be broken down. But one does not simply go through more doors.

  20. themichealharris says:

    Two great minds think alike :) i would have never thought? of that.

  21. GameFreaks24 says:

    Be careful what you wish for maya! You said it was kinda lonely that the zombies were gone, and now the horde has? come back to keep you company! LOL!

  22. Deamonkiller100 says:

    correction… it will draw? zombies

  23. Azurael1 says:

    it? should draw zombis

  24. Cade0005 says:

    they should add a companion system like the? one in Skyrim

  25. TextyTheL3shki says:

    Hm…. didn’t think that? whole thing though….and I ment plan… not plane…. TYPOS!

  26. scubadog2000 says:

    Maya, please do a raid episode where? you go trough the town and gather food.

  27. 2jdeezy says:

    yes it will, but you will need? to leave quickly very

  28. TheeWOLFST75 says:

    Near the end of the video it sounds like the? survivors are coming in the house.

  29. AtomicFire41 says:

    Fucking survivors,? how did they even last this long

  30. champion3433 says:

    maya if you make friends with? the survivors just lock them in a room xD

  31. yangusis says:

    RIP? Keith Martin :'(

  32. exploflip says:

    yeah but? that just means run 24 tiles away because thats where there pathfinding ends, asuming you have been ripped a new one

  33. 1031Vulcan says:

    R.I.P. Keith Martin, the unsung hero, who? gave his life fearlessly to save the life of a complete stranger to him.

  34. XxWHITEKAOSxX says:

    Fkn kieth? martin

  35. JacksonMeeceTV says:

    While I? understand your concern of survivors and their less more than annoying behaviors. They can still come in handy. You can command them to keep guard and patrol things, so the more you have *though with food limits I’d say stick to about two or three for now* the more chance you have of surviving a horde attack. I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure you can trade weapons with survivors as well, letting them have spiked bats and what not. Hope you read this. Love the new series 😉

  36. MayaTutors says:

    Whoops, I try to read? all the comments but some slip through

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