DAT GAMING NEWS – Ellen Page fights zombies & Epic Epic Games Game!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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21 Responses to DAT GAMING NEWS – Ellen Page fights zombies & Epic Epic Games Game!

  1. Tyson Walz says:

    i love ps3 this and beyond two souls are? going be some of the best games this year

  2. GarrysCounterMod says:

    hay sneaky, guess what,? We are going to have an new CSS: Global Offence 😀 YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. mariodelaluna15 says:

    Sorry for the english i am? mexican

  4. mariodelaluna15 says:

    Awesome intro i am? gonna steal it xD

  5. ReganWilson21 says:

    best intro evar?

  6. TheMrWray says:

    Hello everyone. I recently just started recording minecraft on my channel myself after i stopped recording on my old channel that had 200 subs because my computer broke =( But since i got a new computer i have started again and am looking for new viewers so if you have any spare time come check out my channel. You? wont regret it!

  7. cerrobueno says:

    OK, I’ll admit, it’s the? funny faces that made me keep wanting to watch :o)

  8. MultiDan112 says:

    im gonna rub my face, rub my? face LOL 😀

  9. MultiDan112 says:

    the starts are? so great! with a funny face or something 😀

  10. bargs1 says:

    the new game from valve is going to be “? 3 ninjas” or something like that lol.

  11. Jamesey162 says:

    How did i miss this? I even follow you on twitter,? I knew my Monday was missing something!

  12. SargentSilly says:

    naughty dog only makes ps3 exclusive.? @night4345

  13. Dot10001 says:

    “gotta rub my face” *rubs face* LOL!

  14. MrParanoidPeanut says:

    Synthesiser in the intro scares me….?

  15. night4345 says:

    not exclusive. pc and xbox360?

  16. StannSSS says:

    Y U? SO FUNNY?

  17. rockedxxxx says:

    Sick intro? lmao :]

  18. Wogstar1996 says:

    Ony birthday?

  19. billz0maddic says:

    that guy looks like woods from black ops

  20. SargentSilly says:

    It should be a ps3? exclusive! If Left 4 Dead was an exclusive why shouldn’t we get a zombie game that’s exclusive ?

  21. adnan971 says:

    The Last of Us was introduced by Sony and NaughtyDog. It’ll be released exclusively for? the PS3.

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