Custom Zombies: Project X Part 3 – Dual com w/ Ecko Soldier

Custom Zombies: Project X Part 3 - Dual com w/ Ecko Soldier

On the account of this map being freaking awesome, could you hit the like button so we get this to 100 likes? it would make my day! Subscribe to Ecko! Follow me on Twitter! Cod waw custom zombies nazi zombies custom map modded zombies custom zombie map pc zombies gaming new zombie maps call of duty world at war steam multiplayer gameplay commentary rape train gawley dynamite cheatlikeachamp tutorial walkthrough game solo zombiemodding treyarch
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Twitter Facebook Sub Me Pin Me Shirts Forum Vlogs Wickedshrapnel2 Playlists TGFR TGFS MW3 Live PTFO MW3 Show TITS or GTFO MW3 Campaign Happy Wheels Road to Forever Alone WickedShrapMom Portal 2 Zombies Sub Sunday 5% off SCUF controllers with coupon code WICKED (all caps) FAQ Click here to be taken to my Zombie Video where I get to Round 27 and pick up my pack a punch this time.. I get a Ray Gun and Zeus Cannon. This was one of my first Zombie videos and I didn’t know how to use the pack a punch machine.. lol.. It gets me killed.. I know how to pack a punch a weapon now though.. So if you want to see more vids like this give me a thumb.. :)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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46 Responses to Custom Zombies: Project X Part 3 – Dual com w/ Ecko Soldier

  1. PantanalPisco says:

    How is? your quality this good?

  2. xMisterTryHard says:

    I love these videos, keep em coming!

  3. xAsHz says:

    Wow… Just? wow

  4. ScusemuaTV says:

    Nooooooooo!? Sooo close!

  5. xGame35 says:

    saw the key slot the whole time?

  6. xGame35 says:

    saw tge? key slot the whole time

  7. nicmelfi19 says:

    Try it again!!?

  8. TheZombieFucker01 says:

    Please do another attempt on that? map guys ! it was awesome, i want to know what’s up the stairs !!

  9. TheZombieFucker01 says:


  10. CodProTactics says:

    i saw that keyhole in? the beginning

  11. CHINESEKID0824 says:

    I can’t believe u didn’t see that keyhole? it was so obvious. :)

  12. johannrubio says:

    Wow nice map?

  13. usman1123g01 says:

    how do u get? custom zombies

  14. johannrubio says:

    Question do u have a psn? account?

  15. XxEcKoxSoldierxX says:

    You’ll see it coming the ending is? awesome 😀

  16. heatchampions25 says:

    hdcrazedgamer played? this

  17. marshmalloman2 says:

    Best map yet?

  18. newreplica says:


  19. RicoRaka991 says:

    Gawley I’ve been watchin all ur vids for a long time and i just wanna say that ur a sweet player? and a great commentator! keep it up bro!

  20. djwalters15 says:

    Holy shit man best Z GP I ever seen I’m glad I sub to ur? channel

  21. slickstreem says:

    dude that was? the fuking awseomest eeeeeevvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr

  22. gabrielmerican says:

    No quick? revive no good

  23. drew27200 says:


  24. megamatt614 says:


  25. zombiemaster165 says:

    U should wait at the pack a punch then it? comes out then grab it

  26. vittoriopatrick says:

    Actually, this is XBOX..
    Plus,? GET-A-LIFE.

  27. pkrasner123 says:

    You left ? your fucking gun in the machine you asshole.

  28. Themegameanman says:

    did u? forget about ur wepon

  29. bulentsenonay says:


  30. BallisticBrad22 says:

    do more zombies

  31. SouthCamoProductions says:

    Wow, if you would stop buying the trap and just? freight train them you would have pack a punched both your weapons.

  32. fuskmen1 says:

    @Wickedshrapnel? You need to TAKE the pack a punch weapon! BEFORE it’s dissapere

  33. supersonic606 says:

    zombie can? take about 5 shots to the body then a stab, this is what ive figured out

  34. starchiller115 says:

    hey do you have a? PS3?

  35. jaqmehommy8 says:

    you left the HK in? the machine dumbass

  36. simmopr0784 says:

    U forgot to get it retard?

  37. awsomeboy124 says:

    Grab it next? time

  38. F1zzzy90 says:

    god? guys he made this back in december when the game was basically new so stop being a bitch… he obviously knows what he did wrong by now

  39. sl549q says:

    ok here is what happend when you are in the pack a paunch room and you pack a punch your gun then sometimes you get teleported to a difrent room and if you can try and find a film reel then teleport back and find another one then go to the film machine and hold square i dont what happens but something does but about the weapon when you get? teleporetd out your weapon is gone hope i helped

  40. MrThedevil9000 says:

    you take the weapon you noob?

  41. EuroShopperGames says:

    you? are sdo noob at the end

  42. EuroShopperGames says:

    your pack and punch is in the machine? you idiot

  43. imega123 says:

    dum ass

  44. AfGaNiJ3WRaT says:

    u suck so bad!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. KCmaster96 says:


  46. EDNautyX says:

    U? idiot forgot your pack o puch

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