Custom Zombies: Dollhouse 2 Part 1 – Dual Commentary w/ Ecko Soldier

If you guys could get this video to 100 likes that would be sick! Post a comment on how you think my custom zombies series is going so far, im interested to see what all my subs think of it! Subscribe to Ecko! Follow me on Twitter! Check out for awesome controllers! Cod waw custom zombies nazi zombies custom map modded zombies custom zombie map pc zombies gaming new zombie maps call of duty world at war steam multiplayer gameplay commentary rape train gawley dynamite cheatlikeachamp tutorial walkthrough game solo zombiemodding treyarch
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to Custom Zombies: Dollhouse 2 Part 1 – Dual Commentary w/ Ecko Soldier

  1. ?? ?? says:


  2. pro slayer says:

    buy the? box

  3. TheGx564 says:

    the original is just? like this one only this one is better

  4. dinosaurproductionzz says:

    8 people? are evil teddy bears

  5. TheReddeadend says:

    cant find you on steam? :(

  6. sanchezboy99 says:

    your videos are so under watched but? thier so cool

  7. kazboy511 says:

    y da pats? y not giants come on thats the first thing i hate about u and its the only

  8. killasquadist says:

    @cheatlikeachamp patriots winning? superbowl

  9. theassassin3214 says:

    m4a1 looks like? a ak

  10. Torsoless says:

    Dat Like.?

  11. austinVman says:

    i wanna play on those maps u? should put them into download or something

  12. NickCAGE1000 says:

    This? is world at war on pc right?

  13. XxFL4WL3SSxX1 says:

    Wheres the? APB??

  14. XxEcKoxSoldierxX says:

    If? you get is the link we sure will check it out :)

  15. viKREWix says:

    those are way too overpriced?

  16. EvaluationTheatre says:

    Minecraft is racist _P7oqWNnIuk?

  17. Chris283Roblox says:

    More custom? zombies!

  18. UltimaFanX says:

    hey for a good gaming pc search up “alienware computers” on google?

  19. kgkcStudios says:

    How do you? get custom zombies.

  20. XxEcKoxSoldierxX says:

    Hope you liked this? guys, was fun to play expect alot more from me and galwey :)

  21. KocaKola23 says:

    gawley these r sick bro but u? gotta try chinatown zombies

  22. mpwner11 says:

    I’ve been playing with random people on custom? zombies and most of the community on it are dicks and don’t use mics.

  23. moreSMOREplease says:

    Patriots…? SIGH…….

  24. zohuze says:

    are you playing this on? steam?

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