Custom Zombies – COR | Exploration in the Basement (Part 2)

Zombies FTW! Please RATE and COMMENT! • Follow Hypermole here: This was the second World at War Custom Zombies map ever uploaded to We tried playing it 4 players but the map glitched out on us so Hyper and I went co-op. • FREE NetFlix Trial: • Twitter: • Facebook: • G2PO: • NextGenTactics: • NGTMinecraft: • WebofSpiderBite: • NGTGames: • NGTChallenges:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Custom Zombies – COR | Exploration in the Basement (Part 2)

  1. shadowdog525 says:

    everybody see’s that.?

  2. halofreak1263 says:

    Anyone notice the garand? has a made launcha?

  3. deltaforcejoebob says:

    Spider: yull be opening all the doors then hyper:? really? Spider yeah hyper: I WANT GUNS lol

  4. jmskupski says:

    I love? you guys you are beasts you better add me on psn lol

  5. jmskupski says:


  6. ModernWarfareRookie says:


  7. AlexMason131 says:

    Add me? on PS3 zombieswag01

  8. ITIuzzy says:

    Love the videos keep it? up <3

  9. Baked4lifeProduction says:

    Yes. Of course I am,? merely suggesting these guys increase their accuracy and they? might, just possibly make it further in the matches..

  10. Jsakadonvito123456 says:

    nope your? just a idiot

  11. Baked4lifeProduction says:

    Oh i dont know, Take aimed shots? Conserve ammo?.. ?

  12. ahouston673 says:

    @2:33? use noob tube

  13. ahouston673 says:

    These maps? are too dark :/

  14. CaptainSpanky96 says:

    there’s a simple solution to this problem……don’t watch the video if? you don’t like it……there wasn’t that easy?

  15. MrJokejamfot says:

    poor Hyper, used as? bait :(

  16. SuperAss333 says:

    lol your comment has 115? likes O.o

  17. thewowbanana says:

    nice tittle? spidey

  18. ApocolypticMayhem says:

    Play? more modern maps with pack a punch and perks and stuff guys, these maps are boring

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