Cod 4 Mods Death Run on Long (Live Commentary/Gameplay)

So happy Im able to complete the course now! If you enjoyed this video then subscribe for more death run and remember to rate the video! This map was pretty epic other than the spinning floor of death at the beginning of the course! Steam Fan Group Death Run Server IP – Follow me on Twitter!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Cod 4 Mods Death Run on Long (Live Commentary/Gameplay)

  1. Miksurokkari says:

    Intro copied? from ogxzftw

  2. runescape1554 says:

    american? ninja warrior is a show 😛 lol

  3. zombeast123 says:


  4. kewlkidontheblock says:

    how do u download? this??

  5. TostiKetchup says:

    i liked this? vid before i watched it

  6. MrCoolcarson says:

    im? following you on the tweter

  7. wolfkiller1710 says:

    who kills the activator with the pistol is noob and? who kills the activator with knife i boss

  8. koen1234567654321 says:

    were can? i play death run? is it free

  9. TheBlackops372 says:

    Justin bieber is? gay

  10. tsyoon777 says:

    Justin Bieber rapes the Activator at? 3:25

  11. xReaLiTYxiNJeCTioN says:

    hey gawley idk how 2? join u when ur in a game can u help?? and idk how 2 play im buying cod4 for pc in a couple days. help please?

  12. YunggVanz says:

    Gawley are? you talking about the map “wipeout”?

  13. ariesVsign says:

    You? make me laugh :-)) Thx :-))

  14. awsomeplayer19 says:

    you? watch american ninja waarior

  15. raindropsboywwe says:

    there? was someone on there called justin beiber ewwwww

  16. lonheat says:

    galley can u post some more infected games


  17. xxTHELEGENDxx627 says:

    play while recording?

  18. MilkIsL3git says:

    Gawley,? play on this server while that one is down!

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