Classic Game Room – DIRTY DRIVIN’ arcade machine review

Dirty Drivin’ review. Classic Game Room reviews DIRTY DRIVIN’ arcade machine from Raw Thrills and Specular Interactive, a 2011 release for new arcades, fun centers, bars and wherever good times are to be had. This awesome vehicular combat racing game is the loudest, explodiest, most obnoxious game ever and rocks with a vibrating seat, machine guns and WHITE ZOMBIE. CGR Dirty Drivin’ video review features Dirty Drivin gameplay recorded from the actual racing game arcade cabinet! Check out the awesome HD monitor, massive speakers and blinky lights! Dirty Drivin’ is hard to miss. Once you start playing you’ll be sucked into the ferocious gameplay where you crush enemy vehicles, blow them up or explode and you won’t be able to quit! Save your upgraded vehicles using the cabinet keycode system and shoot for the high score. Operators can link eight Dirty Drivin’ cabinets together to make it really awesome.

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13 Responses to Classic Game Room – DIRTY DRIVIN’ arcade machine review

  1. FuchoDenero says:

    Is that a Fidel Castro? bobblehead? =o

  2. MyHumanLife says:

    This game looks AWESOME! This is the kind of experience that you? can only get by playing an arcade cabinet! Even if it were ported to consoles, there’s no way it’d be this awesome still. NEED to play this machine!

  3. swimicus says:

    It looks like a? very violent version of Mario Kart

  4. TheAbeer99 says:


  5. TheAbeer99 says:

    well, i hav a ps2, for a while. its a 90006. i hav noticed the little wit thing near the lens is yellow now.? does that affet my ps2s performance

  6. Mouarf69 says:

    it looks so EPIC?

  7. vampireslayer263 says:

    what? is the intro songs?

  8. SpecularGames says:

    A console version is a possibility for the future, but we do need to provide a period of exclusivity for our arcade partners. Thanks for weighing in. We do get? quite a few requests for console versions of our games.

  9. TheOnlyTylerJohnson says:

    The intro music makes me go into a coma from too? much awesomeness.

  10. Jaden White says:

    do you own? it

  11. kokogoal1987 says:

    It looks awesome, console version would be nice.? Those new arcade machines aren’t available everywhere

  12. Skaarj11 says:

    this is how i expected motorstorm to be when i played it the first on? ps3

  13. GooseBumpsFan1 says:

    i just wen to d and b and saw this game. its now my favorite arcade game! i used almost all my? money on it.

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