Call of Duty Custom Zombies – Rooftops w/essoFPS & Eirebornfenix

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12 Responses to Call of Duty Custom Zombies – Rooftops w/essoFPS & Eirebornfenix

  1. Hamodyxxx0 says:

    okay good luck in that and thank you very much :)?

  2. joshybfps says:

    its one? map ive not played ill get it recorded:P it wont be out until next month cus i have so many vids now

  3. Hamodyxxx0 says:

    yes it is bro !!!? do u have a video of it ? i wanna bring the old memories back :) !

  4. joshybfps says:

    ive got vids uploaded now? until the 20th may for daily release. i will get some more reign and blops survival

  5. joshybfps says:

    is it dead sand elite??

  6. Hamodyxxx0 says:

    Bro do u have a video of the map D DAY beach coustom zombie map? sorry i? don’t remmember the name of the map exactleh

  7. Hamodyxxx0 says:


  8. zTxClann says:

    You should do more cod 4 reign of the undead and black ops? survival

  9. joshybfps says:

    sweet cant wait to? try them out

  10. SajeOne says:

    yepp i got 2 on the way, and epic cant wait to see? 😀

  11. joshybfps says:

    copyright comment lol?

  12. joshybfps says:

    keep n coming? man!ive got a vid of newport city going up soon:P

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