Call of Duty Custom Zombies – ArcadeV2 Wave 37 Part 4

Part 4 of a road to wave 37 with KevinVeeGaming – Part 5 Stay tuned for part 5 Like, Comment, Fav and Subscribe. Thanks
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Leave a like to support my custom zombie series! I feel like new zombies maps will never get old tbh, playing these are just so much fun! Link to the map download Follow me on Twitter! Check out for awesome controllers! Cod waw custom zombies nazi zombies custom map modded zombies custom zombie map pc zombies gaming new zombie maps call of duty world at war steam multiplayer gameplay commentary rape train gawley dynamite cheatlikeachamp tutorial walkthrough game solo zombiemodding treyarch

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21 Responses to Call of Duty Custom Zombies – ArcadeV2 Wave 37 Part 4

  1. G3Gamers says:

    Good? job.

  2. vampkiller213839 says:

    will u make? a ur on map

  3. barebackrider12311 says:

    gess wat u rock u rock u rock u rock u rock u rock u rock u rock u rock u rock? u rock u rock muda f#%&**&^$^&$ u rock

  4. cayzer97 says:

    at the end u realized u had monkey bombs and u never used them? that hole time that is funny

  5. aaronmazi says:

    I’d lik? to see the car awesome CID dude!!!!!!!

  6. KocaKola23 says:

    @cheatlikeachamp bro u should do another Q&A video again?

  7. PutnAHurtnOnYa says:

    lmfao! i totally caught the RWJ/WAX song referal. plus, how did? I get from RWJ to this?

  8. TheTikes1000 says:

    alright sorry but u prob? have to be my second fav zombie player slayer

  9. CrainedTheMage says:

    2:50 he? throws a grenade that has a laser light :

  10. meneerNL says:

    wasnt there like a picture of a hot girl on this? map?

  11. RedBlueDorritos says:


  12. cheatlikeachamp says:

    yes I know who he is and I have already messaged him asking if he wanted to do a? dual com with me but I got no message? back. Idk what is so hard about responding to private messages. I mean I get a lot of messages but it really isnt hard to respond to them. Some youtubers just dont seem to care.

  13. cheatlikeachamp says:

    quick revive only revives you when you play solo in black ops. On world at? war that does not work.

  14. RedBlueDorritos says:

    i thought you? had quick revive

  15. TheTikes1000 says:

    idk if u hate yotesyala or not so sorry if u do but i? think u and him should play together ..sorry if u do idk im not that smart

  16. StealthyNinja882 says:

    How long do you f*cking survive??

  17. BaseballBethel02 says:

    when is minecraft coming? back?

  18. anikin370 says:

    3? or 4 its a 7 part lol

  19. ThexzMarkxz says:

    xD thte? trolls failed

  20. TheAssassinfoux says:

    He said it in one of the videos derp 😛 i think it was number 3 or 4 of this series?

  21. adamtheshorty says:

    Your? intro is fuckin epic

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