Bytejacker – A-Train Returns – Top 5 best PSP Minis

RADAR: Top 5 Best PSP Minis A program started by Sony last year, Minis are supposed to be tiny, bite-sized, inexpensive bundles of joy for your PSP and PS3. Unfortunately, most of them turned out to be tiny, expensive, bundles of disappointment. But over the last few months, prices have come down and some quality stuff has been released for the platform weve combed through the catalog and picked our five favorites. #5 Blast Off – Arcade, Halfbrick Studios, .99 #4 Echoes – Halfbrick Studios, Arcade, .99 #3 Zombie Tycoon – Frima Studio, Strategy, .99 #2 Kahoots – Puzzle, Honeyslug Limited, .49 #1 Age of Zombies – Action, Halfbrick Studios, .99 GameFly is the largest online video game rental service and offers you a choice from over 7000 new and classic titles across all consoles and handhelds. With plans starting at .95 a month, GameFly members can rent one to four games at a time and keep them for as long as they like. There are no late fees, no due dates and shipping is always free. Once youre done playing a game, send it back and GameFly will send you the next available game on your list. If you really like the game youre playing, simply click keep it on the GameFly website and the game is yours, at a discounted price. GameFly will even mail you the case and manuals free of charge! Bytejacker fans get a 15-day FREE Trial when they go to Free Indie Countdown #3: Constellation Chaos Flash, Metroidvania, abielins/Lycheesoup www.newgrounds

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